Over the years, we have reported many times about LinkedIn’s usefulness for career development. Now, to increase its services for businesses, LinkedIn offers Linked Stories. Thus below, we look at how to promote brands with LinkedIn Stories.


The Purpose of LinkedIn Stories

As described by LinkedIn:

LinkedIn Stories enable members and organizations to share images and short videos of everyday professional moments. It represents an easy way to share experiences and insights. And to build meaningful relationships with your professional community. LinkedIn shares Stories you post for 24 hours. [Then, they disappear.]

Notes: You can only post a Story from the LinkedIn mobile app. To access Stories, make sure you’re using the most recent version of the app. LinkedIn Stories is currently unavailable for those located in China.

You can engage with LinkedIn Stories on your mobile app by: Creating a Story. An individual profile or LinkedIn Page Admin can create and post a Story using images and videos. Viewing a Story. Members can view Stories by connections and people and Pages they follow.


How to Successfully Promote Brands with LinkedIn Stories

Recently, Social Insider’s Maria Ganta noted how firms could best use LinkedIn Stories in marketing:

Now it’s time to integrate Stories into your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Because of its professional look, you might think that Stories are a little out of place for a platform such as LinkedIn. However, the introduction of this feature makes sense. Especially because they offer another way to present content.

However, Stories should not replace posting LinkedIn status. Use Stories to reach a wider audience.

Next, view this video. Then, review the  infographic. With both resources coming from Social Insider.


Promote Brands with LinkedIn Stories

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