The technology involved with marketing communications has had an interesting evolution over the past 100 years or so.

Marketo’s Dayna Rothman notes: “As technology has become more and more embedded in the lives of consumers, marketing has evolved at a rapid pace. From radio, to television, to the internet and smart phones, marketers have had to become more creative in order to reach their audience through the noise. Many still struggle with the constantly expanding network of engagement, but the introduction of marketing automation technology has provided a way for marketers to spread their word across an ever-increasing variety of channels.”

Check out this infographic from Marketo.

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2 Replies to “An Infographic Look at the Evolution of Marketing Technology”

  1. Marketing has come a long way. I feel like the most popular method is through mobile apps and social media sites. Commercials for T.V. have lost in the popularity race, because of how all the movies and shows are offered online. People want to avoid the TV ads. I wonder whats next.

  2. I think recent developments in marketing are brilliant, from the simple addition of the Facebook and Twitter icons to webpages to share interests and insights on social media to the targeting of people’s interests via Google searches, the methods of identifying target market segments of today allow efficiency never before seen in marketing. The result of these media is the ability for companies to gather very specific information on consumer spending trends and create an image of the type of individual likely to buy their products. Companies are now able to position their product, with great precision, where it is most likely to be bought. The only competitive edge available to companies lies in this ability, now that the public is saturated with media. Marketing automation provides marketers with a great tool to see which techniques work and which don’t, giving company resources unprecedented longevity.

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