Future 2.0 After COVID-19

Earlier this year, many forecasts were made for 2020. But with the current pandemic, things have certainly changed. Thus, we need to consider future 2.0 after COVID-19.

For a glimpse

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Ransomware Now a BIGGER Problem — What Can YOU Do?

We have written several times before about the devastating results caused by ransomware hacking (see, for example, 1, 2, 3). “Ransomware is malware. The hackers demand payment,

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Ransomware: A NOT So Humorous Look

As we’ve reported before, the ransomware threat has many negative effects. Ransomware “is malware. The hackers demand payment, often via Bitcoin or prepaid credit card, from victims in order

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Internet Security Threats: 2014

Symantec — which provides security, storage, and systems management solutions — has released its Internet Security Threat Report 2014, a comprehensive 98-page document:

“Symantec has established the most comprehensive

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