Earlier this year, many forecasts were made for 2020. But with the current pandemic, things have certainly changed. Thus, we need to consider future 2.0 after COVID-19.

For a glimpse at some prior forecasts, click the following links:

We now look at Wunderman Thompson’s before and after forecasts.


Future 1.0 Before the Pandemic

In January 2020, Wunderman Thompson presented its future 100 trends for 2020:

“We project a deliberately optimistic future. As brands and consumer strive to move past the despondent and unsettling mood from the latter part of the 2010s. Our report highlights emerging consumer behaviors. With 100 trend predictions from the Innovation Group. Trends span culture. Tech and innovation. Travel and hospitality. Brands and marketing. Food and drink. Beauty. Retail, Health. Luxury. And finance. Each includes an original analysis of why it matters for firms whose products and services we use daily.”

To access this report, click the image. Note: A free login is required.

Future 1.0 Before the COVID-19 Pandemic

Future 2.0 After COVID-19

Due to the pandemic, Wunderman Thompson issued an updated forecast in May 2020. Noting that:

“In this special edition of our annual ‘The Future 100’ report, we identify 25 trends that have accelerated, matured, or come to light since we released the original “The Future 100: 2020” in January. In the wake of COVID-19, the report helps brands understand shifting demands. Navigate emerging consumer behaviors. And chart a course through the evolving landscape. It complements  the original ‘The Future 100: 2020.’ Therefore, read 2.0 alongside the full 100 trends for a complete snapshot of the year ahead.”

To access this addendum report, click the image. Note: A free login is required.

Future 2.0 After COVID-19


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