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Brand Complaints and Social Media

6 Sep

What happens when consumers complain on social media?

According to eMarketer:

“Data from social media analytics and monitoring service Sprout Social revealed that many US internet users believe social media has given them more of a voice to expose unfair treatment from brands and be more critical of them in general. The study, which surveyed 1,003 US internet users ages 18 to 64 in July 2017, found that eight in 10 respondents said social media helped to uncover instances of brands treating people unfairly. And seven in 10 said that it helped encourage transparency.”

For the most part, dishonesty and bad customer service led many internet users to complain about brands on social media. But those weren’t the only reasons. Troubles with a bad product, brands being too political and a lack of responsiveness also triggered some respondents to air frustrations about companies on social media.”


Click on the chart below to read more about how online consumers react to social media complaints.


Fed Up with Your Cable TV Provider?

25 Sep

If you answer yes to that question, then you are not alone. For years now, many subscribers have been very unhappy about the “bundled pricing” strategy of cable providers — whereby they must pay for channels in which they have no interest. These subscribers would much rather have “a la carte pricing” — whereby they pay only for the channels they want.

New research indicates just how widespread discontent about cable TV pricing really is. So, what should be done about it?

As Paul Bond writes for Hollywood Reporter:

“A la carte television programming is a popular concept among consumers who presume they’d save money by ditching channels they don’t watch, but given that only 38 percent would be willing to pay more than $3 per channel each month, it’s not likely the idea will catch on with TV providers who aren’t inclined to stray from bundling. Not at that price.”

“A new study out today from PricewaterhouseCoopers says that 44 percent of consumers would like a total a la carte system and that 73 percent of consumers would prefer a la carte or at least more customization of packages than is currently offered. Only 14 percent are satisfied with the status quo.”

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Would YOU Spend a $1,000 to File Social Media Complaints

7 Sep

As we know, customer complaints are quite easy to communicate online. We can E-mail the offending company, post negative reviews on selling sites, and use social media to voice our unhappiness. But would you pay $1,000 to promote your online complaints? I wouldn’t.

Yet, that is what one customer recently did. Consider this report by Dan Lyons for HubSpot:

“We’ve all heard that social media has empowered customers. But earlier this week, one person took that empowerment to a whole new level. Hasan Syed was a passenger on British Airways. The airline lost his baggage and was slow in resolving the issue. As a lot of other people have done in similar situations where they want to air a grievance, Syed took to Twitter — only he added a twist. Instead of just tweeting, Syed, who uses the Twitter handle @HVSVN, spent $1,000 buying promoted tweets in the New York and U.K. markets, using Twitter’s self-serve ad platform. That’s right: this guy used a platform that was created for companies to blast ads at consumers, and turned the platform on its head, using it as a way to blast out ads against a company.”

Click the image to read more — lots of reaction to this approach!



Google Pays Big Fine Over Privacy

9 Aug

Large online firms continue to face legal penalties over the way they treat peoples’ right to privacy. Today, Google agreed to a settlement with the FTC.

As reported by Claire Cain Miller for the New York Times: “The Federal Trade Commission on Thursday fined Google $22.5 million to settle charges that it bypassed privacy settings in Apple’s Safari browser to show advertisements, and violated an earlier privacy settlement with the agency. The fine is the largest civil penalty ever levied by the commission, which has been cracking down on tech companies for privacy violations and is also investigating Google for antitrust violations.”

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Photo by Boris Roessler/European Pressphoto Agency


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