According to Databox, “A key performance indicator (KPI) is a metric that signals how well a company is achieving important business objectives.” Today, we look at key performance indicators for marketers.

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A Deep Dive into Key Performance Indicators for Marketers

Learning how well marketing goals are achieved is critical. But on which key performance indicators (KPIs) should marketers aim their attention?

For some answers, we turn to Databox. As it notes:

There are endless user signals on which to focus. But which ones should you target? After all, you can spend countless cycles and resources tracking and analyzing user metrics that don’t actually move the needle. Okay, so where does that leave us? Which product marketing KPIs are useful to track and help prioritize the right work?

Amongst the group of experts we surveyed, we found that product marketing’s main goal is sign-ups. Almost as frequently mentioned: active product usage and paid activations. Churn reduction and upgrades were mentioned quite a bit less frequently as primary goals. So, it seems that product marketing mostly focuses on getting users in the door and getting them to purchase and use the product.

To get more specific, we asked these same product pros to share which product marketing KPIs they say every team should track. Here’s the 13 they collectively shared. To learn more about a specific KPI, clink the links. Or continue scrolling to learn how you can keep your product marketing team on-track.:

    1. Frequency of high-value actions
    2. Product usage
    3. Number of contacts
    4. Revenue
    5. Assisted conversions
    6. Qualified leads
    7. Cost per acquisition
    8. Sales close rate
    9. Customer lifetime value
    10. Net promoter score
    11. Customer sentiment
    12. Market share
    13. Product description clarity

For further KPI insights from Databox, click the image.

Key Performance Indicators for Marketers


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