The Sloan School at MIT is one of the premier business schools. And it publishes a highly-respected journal. Today, we look at the top 2020 MIT Sloan Management Review articles.

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Ten Articles to Read: Top 2020 MIT Sloan Management Review Articles

As the SMR notes: “The most popular articles of 2020 highlight the range of decisions that managers faced in a year defined by disruption, uncertainty, and remarkable innovation.”

Here are excerpts of three of them:

  • Is It Time to Rethink Globalized Supply Chains? The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated why disaster preparedness is vital for supply chain resilience. This article looks at how the U.S. and other countries ended up with such complex interdependencies in their supply chains. As well as how managers can improve their resilience against future shocks. 
  • Disruption 2020: An Interview with Clayton M. Christensen — In this interview, Clay Christensen, the late business scholar and pioneer of the Theory of Disruptive Innovation, discussed the impact of disruption in today’s tech-centric world. In addition to why the theory remains a powerful tool for decision-making.
  • The New Disruptors — By entering the market with products and services that are every bit as good as those offered by legacy companies, a new breed of disrupters is making it harder than ever for traditional businesses to compete.

To see all ten articles, click the image below.

Top 2020 MIT Sloan Management Review Articles


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