In 2021, we presented one post-Super Bowl post about ad effectiveness.
For 2022’s Super Bowl of Advertising, we break this out into two posts. Today, assessing Super Bowl LVI ads – qualitatively. Tomorrow, we take a more quantitative look.

With qualitative evaluation, we employ attitudinal data. And results vary greatly by analyst. With quantitative evaluation, we utilize statistical results.

By clicking here, you can see the Super Bowl ads.


Expert Opinions: Assessing Super Bowl LVI Ads – Qualitatively

Within 24 hours of the Super Bowl ending, a lot of sources offered their opinions about the best and worst ads. Here is a cross-section of reviews. Note the differences by reviewer!

From Advertising Age

Ad Age had the most advertising recap stories that we saw. For example:

From Fox Business

According to Fox, these ads were rated best: [To view them, click the links.]

  1. “Uber Don’t Eats”
  2. “Caesars Sportsbook’s Super Bowl Debut: Sit Down Dinner”
  3. TurboTax: “Matchmaker”
  4. FTX: “Don’t Miss Out”
  5. Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda: “Land of Loud Flavors”

Aside: In the eyes of EOM, none of these make our top five.

From the Sporting News

It reports on “The Biggest Winners & Losers from Super Bowl 56”:



From Vanity Fair

“2022’s Super Bowl Commercials Were a Feast of Millennial Nostalgia.” While Super Bowl LVI technically took place in the year 2022, we certainly wouldn’t blame you if at multiple points during the night you found yourself wondering whether we’d all somehow been transported back to 2002. The most intense moment of deja-vu occurred during a well-received halftime show that was a veritable who’s who of 2000s era musical nostalgia, featuring Snoop Dog, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, and Dr. Dre — with surprise guest 50 Cent.


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