Ever consider a career in marketing research? There are many opportunities. And the list is growing. Why Because of the greater uses of data analytics and research via the Internet of Things. See Thinking About a Career in Data Analytics? In addition, look at What’s Your “Dream Career”? Try These Personality Quizzes. Now, let’s move to today’s topic: What Marketing Researchers Do – GRIT Report.

The GreenBook is a Web site run by the American  Marketing Association. In general, it deals with a whole range of topics related to marketing research. At the site, these subjects are covered:


What Marketing Researchers Do – GRIT Report

On a regular basis GreenBook publishes a GRIT (GreenBook Research Industry Trends) Report. And you can download a free copy. Just click here.

As GreenBook’s Executive Director/Producer notes in the report:

“Welcome to the 22nd edition of the GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report, using data collected in 2017. As we continue our efforts to make the GRIT sample global, we completed 1,533 interviews with those from from 75 countries. As before, we consider this report to provide a meaningful and reliable snapshot of marketing research. Often, regional analysis is possible. Further, we make all data available to everyone.”

“For this edition, we explore some new topics. And some that readers depend on GRIT to cover. These include adoption of emerging methods, use of traditional methods, satisfaction with suppliers, perceptions of challenges & opportunities (and what to do about them), financial outlook and projected spending, how research professionals use their time and what tools they use to do their jobs, buzz topics such as automation or AI, and the next iteration of our industry benchmark.”

The following infographic presents a solid overview of the marketing research industry around the globe. This infographic looks at a typical day in the life of a marketing research. And it highlights several opportunities and complexities facing the industry today.


What Marketing Researchers Do - GRIT Report

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