Today, we offer an original video on devising YOUR best self-brand. For those who follow Evans on Marketing, you know we have an extensive series going on regarding careers during the pandemic. And we have devoted several posts to self-branding.


An Original Video on Devising YOUR Best Self-Brand

To provide extra value-added to readers, we decided to create a video on the vital topic of YOUR best self-brand. The YouTube video appears at the bottom of this screen. Enjoy it.

Doing the video required our learning how to create such a video. As a result, we learned more about the power of PowerPoint — no pun intended. You can teach an old dog new tricks. LOL. Do you: Know that you can do a narration using PowerPoint? Understand how to save a slideshow as a *.ppxs file? Know the way to easily convert your slideshow into a video format? These are all things that we learned along the way.

In this video, we cover all the steps in devising YOUR best self-brand. The video contains some humor and interesting images, in addition to the serious nature of how to be your best professional self.  See as this one by geralt, from pixabay.

Devising YOUR Best Self-Brand 

The video that follows is about 15 minutes.


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