We have posted extensively about the keys to good resumes. But we also need to avoid making resume mistakes. That is the subject of the current post.

Before looking at mistakes to avoid, consider these job-oriented posts:

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Avoid Making Resume Mistakes

As we know, the job search can be time-consuming, ego-deflating, and emotionally tough. To put our best foot forward, we must carefully prepare and execute each step in the process. And this includes seeking out possible employers. And preparing superior cover letters and resumes. In addition, interview preparation is a must. Thus, to the best of our ability, we must strive to avoid manageable errors during the process. What does this mean? We need to be conscientious in all that we do.

With the preceding in mind, let us focus on developing the resume. And look at many of the errors that can — and must — be avoided.

As Lindsay Kolowich reports for HubSpot:

“Crafting a standout resume is a lot of work. Not only do you have to write it. But you also have to check (and double-check) for typos, even out your margins, make sure you’re not repeating the same action verb 10 times … the list goes on. In other words, knowing what makes a good resume also means knowing what makes a bad one. And while there are a lot of little things you’ll want to check before sending your resume, aka “curriculum vitae” (CV), to a recruiter, some are more important than others.”

In the name of prioritization, check out the infographic below from StandoutCV for a list of nine resume mistakes you definitely don’t want to make the next time you apply to an open position. Then, see a brief list of advice to keep bookmarked when you find your dream job.”

Avoid Making Resume Mistakes


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