Over the years, we presented about two dozen posts on benchmarking topics. For readers involved with digital marketing, today’s post will be quite useful. Benchmarking your digital strategy in 2022.

As Business News Daily notes:

  • Businesses use benchmarking in their operations to measure themselves against internal or external standards.
  • Benchmarking measures internal progress. Performance against competitors And how your processes rank against world-class organizations.
  • The process of benchmarking involves identifying key metrics. Assessing where you currently are. Determining where you want to be. And creating an action plan to achieve and measure your goals.


From Contentsquare: Benchmarking Your Digital Strategy in 2022

To create more human online experiences, you need to start with a holistic understanding of your customer. Our 2022 Digital Experience Benchmark Report offers more analysis and industry trend data to inform your digital strategy than ever before. Thereby, empowering you to build human-first, data-driven online experiences. We’ll dive into acquisition sources, browsing behavior, Core Web Vitals, and conversion patterns…but first up, we wanted to share our top three takeaways from this year’s report.

  1. Don’t get ‘channel’ vision; your customers are everywhere. As you’ll see from the data, today’s consumer is neither chained to one device nor stuck inside.
  2. R-E-S-P-E-C-T; find out what it means to your customers (hint: a lot).In a world of instant gratification, the best perk you can offer your customer is respect for their time.
  3. Expectations are higher than before. This year, we’ve seen average bounce rates increase from 47% in 2020 to 50% in 2021. Pair this with data highlighting a 328% increase in page views during sessions where a conversion took place. And you can deduce that customer expectations are high. While getting even higher. Today’s consumer is clued in. Happy to spend time researching the best deal. As well as to bounce if they don’t get what they’re expecting. So understanding exactly how and why your shoppers behave the way they do online at each stage of their journey is the magic ingredient for unlocking the perfect online customer experience.
Key findings appear in the following infographic.

Benchmarking Your Digital Strategy in 2022

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