Through Evans on Marketing, we have discussed valuable information from LinkedIn more than 100 times. Today, we look at how to enhance your digital profile on LinkedIn. Certainly, in 2022, we need to highlight such skills.


Tips to Enhance Your Digital Profile on LinkedIn

Earlier this month, Tequia Burt (Editor in Chief, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog) offered lots of good advice:

Which skills will you need to highlight to get ahead in marketing today? Which will most likely spark interest from recruiters? Advance your career? Or trigger competition for your services?

These are complicated questions to answer. Because the importance of a specific skill depends on one’s present situation, plans, and preferences. Taking these factors into account, marketers should evaluate which skills are worth adding to their own LinkedIn profiles. Compare your current abilities and preferences with skills others are interested in. Thus, you can discover ways to boost your personal brand and attractiveness as a potential candidate.

An analysis of LinkedIn’s internal data show digital marketing and social media jobs in high demand. Half of the top 10 jobs posted on LinkedIn are in the digital or media space.

The pandemic accelerated the shift to virtual everything. At that time, it also accelerated the demand for marketers in digital roles. Digital marketing specialists are most in-demand. While media coordinator is experiencing the fastest growth.

Enhance Your Digital Profile on LinkedIn

If you’re interested in pursuing one of the fastest-growing occupations, this chart lists the respective in-demand skill for each.

Enhance Your Digital Profile on LinkedIn
On LinkedIn Learning, you’ll find a library of courses designed to advance your digital marketing skills. Such as “SEO Foundations” and “Digital Marketing Trends.”

Enhance Your Digital Profile on LinkedIn


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