Recently, we have written a lot about how to avoid scams. Nonetheless, many people are not fully aware of the security issues with texting. Unfortunately, scams abound.

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Do Not Get Scammed: Security Issues with Texting

Also known as SMS (short message service), texting is less secure than people often know about. Despite our awareness of how bad spam can be through E-mails and phone calls, we may be as careful with texts.

According to Semaphore’s Alex Alabiso:

Email and social media networks are known channels where users should keep watch of fraudsters. But there’s another important channel that people should look out for scams: SMS. Roughly 5 billion people around the world can send and receive SMS messages. That makes them a great channel for potential scammers. Text messages have a 98% open rate. 10% of SMS marketing messages are spam. Versus 50% of E-mail messages. 31% of mobile users have received an SMS message from unknown senders asking them to click on a suspicious link. Around 92% of text spam messages fall under the scam/fraud category. 

Below is a quick infographic to help you spot common SMS scams and avoid falling into their traps.


Security Issues with Texting

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