HubSpot recently identified 12 enjoyable video marketing campaigns: “What better medium to propel the new wave of humanized marketing than video? It’s one of the most effective media for marketers. Seventy-three percent of respondents in a 2015 Web Video Marketing Council study indicated that video had a positive impact on their marketing results.

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Below are videos from HubSpot’s 5 top-rated campaigns.






10 Replies to “Humanizing and Entertaining Ads”

  1. I always knew that entertaining ads appealed to consumers, but I did not know that humanizing ads had the same effect. Of course I love the Android commercial, but it’s success amazes me because the video has no relation to phones whatsoever. However, the positive impact of results show how effective this strategy is. I also like the reebok ad because they use a humanizing technique to incorporate all types of women. It’s refreshing to see women young, old, and all types of sizes instead of the traditional model. Dove uses the same technique. I believe the company pioneered the idea of using various types of women, and now their campaign has been extremely successful. I think that more companies should use these techniques to not only increase their positive image, but sales as well.

  2. All of these ads are very creative and well thought out. Out of all of them, I enjoyed the Intel ad the most. It is not just advertising a braille printer; it is also telling a very inspiring story, which definitely caught my attention. I think giving back to our community or a community of people is very important, and this is what Banerjee is doing. The ad is showcasing that there is a meaningful purpose behind creating the printer. If the personal story were to be taken out of the ad, it would speak to consumers on a whole different level. The storyline makes the ad so distinctive in comparison to other technology advertisements. In addition, the fact that a thirteen year-old boy created the printer is a very impressive feat, in it of itself.

  3. These promotions are exceptionally innovative and well thoroughly considered. Out of every one of them, I appreciated the Intel promotion the most. It is not simply publicizing a braille printer; it is additionally recounting an exceptionally moving story, which certainly got my consideration. I think offering back to our group or a group of individuals is critical, and this is the thing that Banerjee is here doing. The promotion is showcasing that there is an important reason behind making the printer. In the event that the individual story were to be removed from the promotion, it would address shoppers on an entire distinctive level. The storyline makes the promotion so unmistakable in contrast with other innovation commercials!

  4. The most misleading thing about commercials to the common viewer is that they think a commercial is supposed to want to make you buy whatever it may be they are trying to sell to you. That’s a lot to do in 1 minute or less, it is very unrealistic. The actual purpose of commercials is to get the companies brand name out there and make people remember it. The actual sale of the product comes when a consumer walks into a store looking for news shoes for example, and they remember that great Reebok ad making them more inclined to buy Reebok shoes because they feel they know Reebok. These ads above are so effective because they connect with their audience forming a relationship, which is priceless.

  5. These 5 ads were incredible. Being an android user I loved the animal ad probably the most, but the Dove ad struck me. Over the years I have seen numerous Dove campaigns, and all of them have “hit me”. I have noticed that Dove does very strong campaigns that some people might take offense to, but always turn out to have a positive message. I feel as if those ads could either do very well or just crumble. It was interesting to see the Reebok commercial, and the ending meaning behind it about the average life of a human being. The Facebook ad was cool because it shows you that sometimes the best message does not come with words, but photos, and personal meanings behind things.

  6. All of these ads were really well thought out. The Android commercial was my favorite. I think it’s really smart to use baby animals because they would capture a wide variety of viewers. The Reebok and Intel commercials were also influential because they showed people pushing to do better for themselves and others. I think humanizing ads and appealing to peoples emotions is the best way to create an effective commercial.

  7. The Android commercial was easily my favorite ad out of all of them. Using a heartwarming idea really captures the audience’s attention, and by waiting until the end to reveal what business the commercial was advertising for was smart because it intrigues the audience to watch the entire commercial. I am not and Android user, however this commercial’s concept is something that Apple could really take notes on.

  8. I love all five commercials. All of them makes me smile and relief. Personally, the five advertisements can somehow change my attitude toward the company after watching separately. Before I see the commercial of Dove, I used to think that the company produces well-priced but useless goods. However, the commercial inspires me that the confidence of ourselves makes us women beautiful from inside and shine like a diamond, which cannot be compared just by appearance and outfit. I think this is what a commercial really should focus on—to express a spirit, to inspire a group of people, to change a negative brand impression.

  9. I loved all of these commercials. These types of commercials present the feel good type of warmth that everyone enjoys. I think what is really neat is that, even though they are all different, they provide that same type of warmth. I love the Android commercial. The use of cute animals is always going to catch anybodies eyes and heart. I also really loved the Dove commercial. I think it does a great job of giving out a message of being confident and beautiful to all women with the use of their product. My favorite part about the commercial was how they used women of all different race, age, and size. It was really a great way to present their product.

  10. Children and animals are the two themes that really work in the advertisements. Android “Friends Furever” commercial could really woo audiences’ attentions and those adorable animals could also make audiences feel happy. Android not only successfully attracts people’s attentions but also expresses its message clearly and interestingly. Showing the harmony of the animals playing together, Android tries to express that customers can buy different phones running different versions of Android.

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