MillardBrown Digital has produced an excellent report and Webinar on how to best engage in digital marketing:

It’s no longer about traditional or digital. It’s all marketing. Digital marketing has emerged as a vital part of the marketing landscape, forcing marketers to grapple with scaling across a variety of engagements. And while there’s a surplus of data available to help inform decisions, selecting the right data, and combining, analyzing, and creating actions from that data is challenging. With input from over 300 senior executives across advertisers, agencies, and media companies, our 3rd annual Getting Digital Right study identified four key findings for getting digital right and creating extraordinary marketing in a connected world.”

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Here are two charts from MillardBrown Digital.  To view a larger version, click on each chart. The first chart identifies the steps necessary to undertake a great digital strategy.


The second chart highlights the ease/difficulty of measuring ROI (return on investment) with various media platforms.  [This shows why E-mail marketing is NOT dead. It ranks first in measuring ROI.]


12 Replies to “How to Get Digital Media Right”

  1. In my opinion, customers do not need to access the digital media right. It is the marketers that need to make their ads or promotion perceived by the customer. Nowadays, people are constantly influenced by social media,and web information. They are tired to look about it. So it needs marketers to change their ways to make customers more interested about their products or services. Only the creative one will survive.

  2. Along with the wide variety of media platforms there are to market on; there are things to know about each site that could help your marketing strategy. If you look at Instagram most people usually check it at night or post at night because that is when people are usually relaxing and scrolling their social media. Certain ads from websites follow you to pages like YouTube, and Facebook. On a site like Twitter which is quick you can post at all times, because people will use it as their news source, and things constantly happen throughout the day. I was very surprised to see that direct mail in this time period beat mobile ads.

  3. Social media her inevitably become the most interactive form of advertising in our modern day environment. It is one thing to promote your business online, but it another thing to understand the small elements of people’s interactions with social media that will make the investment that much more effective. For example, understanding when “prime time” is on different cites is crucial if you want to get more views. If your target market focuses on people, fore say, between the ages of 15 and 30, you shouldn’t pot something during the day because thats when most individuals are either at school or at work, so they are less likely to check their phones until the evening or early morning. My point is that if marketers are trying to use social media as a primary advertising tactic, it is important that they know the figurative ropes that bind average users to their social cites.

  4. Recent years technology is booming like a rocket. Because of that, it is really hard to distinguish the clear line of digital marketing and traditional marketing when making a marketing management strategy. To execute a perfect marketing plan, if we want to use it right, it is appropriate to apply multiple ways as well as combine different strategies according to different target markets. Say, if the purpose is to promote to young folks, the commercial should be advertised through Instagram, Snap Chat, Facebook and Twitter; if it is designed to make housewives notice, it should be played on cable TV channels; if it is for white collars, then maybe economic newspaper would be the right choice.

  5. The effects of social media has definitely turn into the most intelligent type of publicizing in our advanced surroundings. It is one thing to advance your business on the web, yet it something else to comprehend the little components of individuals’ collaborations with online networking that will make the speculation considerably more viable. For instance, understanding when “prime time” is on various refers to is significant on the off chance that you need to get more perspectives. On the off chance that your objective business sector concentrates on individuals, fore say, between the ages of 15 and 30, you shouldn’t pot something amid the day in light of the fact that that is when most people are either at school or at work, so they are less inclined to check their telephones until the night or early morning. My point is that if advertisers are attempting to utilize online networking as an essential publicizing strategy, it is critical that they know the metaphorical ropes that dilemma normal clients to their social refers to.

  6. Social media has changed the game for marketers. The target that they are trying to market to has increased tremendously as more and more people are on social media. They are able to monitor who is seeing their content more, by checking likes, favorites, retweets…etc. Understanding social media is a very important aspect to marketers these days. The internet gives people access to various sorts of things and you can find very specific items or content. This way marketers can now focus on their target audience by promoting on certain cites or using a particular hashtag. Knowing when and where to post the information that is wanted to be promoted is crucial. Users depending on age, are on during different times so to hit the target market you need to know when to post what you want. Also knowing what type of products your target audience wants, determines what site you should be posting too. Each age has an app/site that they use the most. Marketers have a lot more to deal with in researching about social media, but it has become a lot easier to promote their products with social media. It is also mostly free. Social media is a tool that all marketers need to be an expert in using.

  7. Although email is high on the ROI list, I expect social media is ascend the ROI list as the years progress. More and the more, the world is becoming interconnected, through social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This flow of social media opens up a powerful window for companies, in the form of free advertising. However, even if a firm/company has a social media profile, there is still the challenge of outreach to consumers. This is where data comes into play. A company’s core constituency are, let’s say, older women, speficially in their 50-60s. A company can use user data and cater to that specific market on different social media platforms. Therefore, as effective emails seem to be on the chart, I expect social media to rise up on the list, because of its growth, what it offers and how much its services cost and how data can be utilized in an effective way.

  8. Digital marketing creates an opportunity to target numerous people all over the world. This marketing technique can also be utilized easily because marketers are able to track peoples interests online; by what they search for, click on, like, and share. This makes digital marketing easy in theory because advertisers focus their attention to people that all ready like their goods or services. However, digital marketing has become an inconvenience to people because there are too many advertisements all over the internet and social media. No one wants to see ads covering their computer, phone, or other device. I think that marketers need to limit their ads in a way that is still effective.

  9. It’s fascinating how quickly our world has been transformed by technology. It’s always amazing to watch how different brands and industries catch on and adapt or get naturally selected out of the corporate “food chain.” I think overall, technology will be a good thing for marketers and business in general. It has already allowed marketers to take their endeavors overseas and appeal to never before reachable market demographics. Only good things to come!

  10. I think the rise of technology is really putting Marketing in a completely different level than what it is used to be. As new programs, social media, and devices are developed, there is more room for creativity. It gives more room to create something completely different than what has been created. This creativity or unique idea is what will stick the most. Even though it does help to have more ways to create different ideas, I think it also adds pressure to the marketers. There is a lot of pressure in absolutely needing to create something to be successful as your job. This need of being different was not a huge priority in the past compared to how much of a priority it is now.

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