Is (owned by Twitter) ready to be the next “big thing” in social media? Already, it has generated some changes by competitor Instagram. When it was launched in late January 2013, Vine announced that it “We wanted to make it easier for people to create and share videos from a device we almost always have with us: our phone. Since then, you’ve shown time and again that video can bring us together in new and profound ways. You inspire us every day. Thank you for making our first year so special.”

As a more independent expert, Douglas Karr, reports for MarketingTechBlog: “Vine launched a year ago and has had quite a bit of success. Think of Vine as a video version of Twitter, where you record short clips of video and upload them. It’s not surprising that Twitter purchased Vine and integrated playing the videos from Twitter and their applications. When using the app, the camera records only while the screen is being touched, allowing you to do some nifty videos.”

Check out this infographic to see how well Vine is doing — and why marketers should take note!!


16 Replies to “Should Marketers Be Climbing the Vine?”

  1. Vine honestly is all over all social websites including facebook, twitter, and even on Instagram, It is always being hashtagged and they trend very quickly. VIne is the next big thing especially since in 6 short seconds a message gets displayed. I honestly love vine and always share videos due to the fact that they are very funny and always pop up on my news feed on every social site that I have. It is the next big thing especially if it keeps on the way it is. It is better to watch a 6 second video which explains or shows something funny rather than having to read about it. Companies should start making more vines and market themselves on it and would probably see a big increase in viewings

  2. I think that companies should advertise through Vine since it is a type of social media on the rise. Many people don’t like the advertisements through other forms of social media because they are boring and they interrupt what you are viewing. If companies can grab the attention of the user through a short entertaining Vine video I would consider it a success. Maybe even T.V shows can give a short preview of whats to come on Vine to attract more attention to a show. Teens and young adults are the largest group among Vine users and if a company can find a way to grasp their attention I am sure users will see a large rise in Vine advertisments.

  3. Personally I don’t really understand why so many people enjoy Vine. I downloaded it but soon after deleted it. I can understand if many of your friends have Vines wanting to watch their videos; however, I already have Snapchat to do that. Why should I download an entire app when I already have an app that does exactly what Vine does? I find many people use Vine to watch videos of strangers but majority of the time they aren’t even funny.

  4. Companies and marketers should definitely get on board with Vine as a marketing tool. Its biggest asset is that it’s short. Much shorter than a video, and ‘longer’ than a print ad. Marketers could squeeze in multiple print ads in a vine or simply explain an ad in 6 seconds, totally getting rid of the need for people to read at all. In an age where the current generation has much shorter attention span, this medium is a great way to reach out.

  5. I agree that Vine is on the rise and companies should definitely take advantage of this opportunity to market themselves. Even if you don’t have a Vine, you are still able to see these videos through other forms of social media like Twitter or Facebook, which only makes it even more accessible for brands to reach the public. Also, as the infographic states, “video content marketing is increasing and marketers are catering for digitally savvier and more video oriented consumers.” Vine would be a great way for companies to spread their message and really gain people’s interest.

  6. Vine is becoming the next big thing quite quickly. It is an easy way to share your feelings and stories more accurately and in a more expressive way than just a photo. As someone who does not use Vine, I still find them very fun to watch. They’re short and sweet, to the point. With a generation that relies on quick, immediate gratification, Vines are just what the world is looking for. Unlike youtube, Vines are shorter and do not (yet) include ads before some videos. I believe as Vine grows, the ads will come there too just as they were attempted on Instagram. Personally, I think marketers should without a doubt think about Vine. It’s nothing but a mini commercial that people are more likely to view. After all, who in this world nowadays isn’t on their phone?! Vine could be a great thing, and if companies are smart, they’ll get a move on it sooner rather than later.

  7. Companies and marketers should absolutely use Vine as a way to get their product out there or to reach out to the public about their services and company. Vine is shared via many social medias including Facebook and Twitter. It is a very easy and inexpensive way to get creative and also gain the attention of many different audiences.

  8. I cannot comment on Vine itself as I do not have the app but the whole idea of video streaming popularity is very interesting. I would definitely agree that more video sharing is taking place then ever before but these statistics are insane! “Videos will be 55% of all internet traffic by 2016” is incredible if you think about the vastness of the internet. Additionally I do see many vines retweeted or shared on my feed’s which definitely makes me believe that 1 in 5 tweets contain vines. I think, though, that vines can become more business-using friendly if they were allowed to be a bit longer. How much can one really get across in six seconds?

  9. I subscribe to the popular belief that mobile video usage is going to increase very soon. The infographic says that it will increase 1800% in 2016 as compared to 2011. This will allow for a lot of marketing opportunities which are obviously monetizable.

    Today’s generation has a short attention span and likes instant gratification. The relatively short Vines captures people’s attention quickly and effectively making it enjoyable to watch and therefore really popular. As a result, marketers should take note of increase of usage of mobile video technology. One of the advantages that Vine has over certain competitors is that is it already very popular and on almost all of the big social networking sites and as a result product visibility is very high.

    Another thing I would like to add is that the infographic’s view on the effectiveness of visual (especially animated) advertisements. I believe that Vine can be used by savvy marketers (especially lower-budget-for-marketing companies or startups) to promote their product in a relatively inexpensive way.

  10. Marketers would be making a mistake if they didn’t utilize Vine’s extreme popularity. In the social media world, Vine is certainly up there with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I don’t have the app and I still watch vines all the time. Facebook and Twitter are covered in shared vines and they are way more entertaining than the other stuff on there. My little brother, who used to show us funny youtube videos all the time, now chooses to show us the most popular and funniest vines instead. Marketers should take advantage of Vine, and their own creativity, and use the app to attract its extremely large audience.

  11. Vine is probably one of the best forms of social media. Although I myself would rather tweet and post pictures on Instagram, I would rather watch peoples vines than look at peoples twitters and instagrams. Some videos make people lose interest and forget how funny they are because of the length. So many people just don’t have the attention span or time to watch videos that are minutes long. Vines are limited to six seconds, so people don’t really become uninterested before they are over. Sometimes what makes a vine so funny is the fact that so much has to be squeezed into such little time. It’s no wonder that vine easily became a big hit. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like watching them.

  12. Personally I have never downloaded Vine, but I think that it is a great form of social media. I prefer to post things on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, but I think that Vine provides a platform that they cannot compete with. Even though Instagram added the video option, I feel like it’s no where near as viral as the Vine posts are. I seen countless hilarious posts from Vine linked to Twitter and Facebook. With only 6 seconds marketing has to be strong, creative, and effective in order to grab the consumers attention in that time, but I think it would be a great tool to market through.

  13. I personally have a vine and look through it daily and think that it’s a clever way to advertise. Over the past year Vine has become extremely popular throughout teens which could be a huge advantage to marketers. Companies whose target market are young adults and teens should use vine to attract customers because it entertains the customer in a different way than a picture does. Instead of looking at an ad on Facebook, Vine will provide a fun way to engage the customers in their product. Even though Vine posts are only 6 seconds, some of them are the most hilarious videos i’ve ever seen.

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