We spend so much time on business-to-consumer marketing, that we sometimes underappreciate the importance of business-to-business marketing. The best companies do understand the role of B2B marketing.

As Jen Agustin reports for Bizo: “Marketers are realizing that branding is a strategy not just for the Coca-Cola’s and Nike’s of the B2C world. Branding does indeed matter in the B2B buying process. Because prospects are waiting longer before engaging with salespeople, marketers need to use branding to get their companies, products, and services out there as early as possible in order to earn a spot on the evaluation shortlist later on. This means getting in front of the right people before they even realize they have a business challenge to solve.”

Consider the following infographic.

4 Replies to “Better Marketing to B2B Customers”

  1. Businesses can’t be successful without sound marketing. How your company is perceived affects how many customers you attract. A great product is useless without a means to draw in consumers.

  2. Somehow business to business is a much more fast approach to promote products than personal selling that to be noticed by established reputation. Therefore, branding is very important! For instance, iPhone 6 is not come out yet but already under customers’ checklist for a long time! That is how how branding works! To get customers realize your products as early as possible before them flow into the market, for that, leaving out enough time for customers to evaluate and acknowledge.

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