Netflix has added social features so streaming members can link their accounts to Facebook, so they can see what friends have viewed by adding new “Friends’ Favorites” and “Watched by your friends” rows to Netflix. Members share what they watch just within Netflix and can optionally share to Facebook.


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  1. I see both positives and negatives in Netflix adding social features. My first thought was “I often need movie recommendations so I like the idea of ‘friends’ favorites’ to help give me suggestions from people I trust.” My next thought was “I don’t want people seeing everything I watch!” I think that it should be optional to show on Netflix what you’re watching.

  2. I think this is a positive thing, for one will never not know what to watch ever again. This is good for upcoming films that are not as popular, for this is how they can be given publicity. I agree that there should be some sort of privacy however, and not everybody should be able to see everything you watch, just what you wish to share.

  3. I think this is a great idea! This won’t affect me because I don’t have a Netflix account, but for the people that use Netflix, I think it’s convenient! It’s another way to connect people on the Internet. However, I don’t think people want others to see every movie they watch so maybe there can be some sort of privacy setting. I do like the idea of “Friends Favorites” because it can introduce new films to people. I think it will be popular on Facebook, and maybe I’ll end up getting a Netflix account because of it!

  4. I think this will draw more customers to netflix. In past few months they have been criticized and lost customers, because the movies and tv-shows are old. Adding social network, and making it more social. And since social media is one of the best ways to market products and services, Netflix’s new feature will be successful in bringing people back to Netflix.

  5. This is smart of Netflix, in my opinion. Social media is taking over the world and it is important for companies like Netflix to stay current. Being a user of Facebook, I like seeing what my friends are up to and even with movies or shows, it could be cool to get recommendations from them. Agreeing with Jhenna though, sometimes you don’t want everyone to know what you’re doing/watching! Besides that, I think it is a great feature and definitely a positive for Netflix.

  6. This is certainly an interesting idea. In our world of always sharing, this idea of seeing what your friends are watching seems to fit right in. This is a good idea because now we can all get recommendations, and see what’s popular amongst our friends. But at the same time, if I’m going to watch an old Barney cartoon, I don’t need everyone seeing that. So there should definitely be an option to share or to not share.

  7. I feel like this is a good move by Netflix but it may not be as accurate as they think. In real life people actually speak to their friends and recommend each other movies and shows. But most people on facebook have too many friends that are not even their close friends to be able to identify what movies the user would really truly enjoy. On the flip side of things this will build recognition for Netflix and help them make themselves more active on social networks.

  8. I think that this new option by Netflix is great idea. We often trust our friends’ opinion more than strangers’. So in that perspective it’s a great add-on. One social benefit is that it allows you to find out what’s hot and what’s not based on what your friends are watching. You get to be up to date with the newest trends. And Because the privacy setting allows you to pick and choose what you share with the public, i think they’ve done a good job.

  9. I’m actually surprised Netflix hasn’t had this social aspect until now. Many services have already implemented a social aspect with Facebook. Services such as Spotify, let you see what your friends have been listening to and has become a huge part of what they offer with a subscription to their service. Having Netflix connected socially will help you see what your friends are watching so, when your friends talk about new shows on Netflix that they are watching you can easily find what show they are referring to. This is a step in the right direction for Netflix.

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