Have you gotten yourself into social media yet? If no, it’s time to start. If yes, how can you better utilize visuals with your social media sites?

Debbie Hemley, a social media consultant and an active blogger, has 26 different suggestions — from adding text to photos to zooming in to engage the audience.

Click the image for all 26 of her suggestions.


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7 Replies to “Tips for Using Visual Tools on Social Media”

  1. Visual tools are a critical component to make anything successful. Most people would quickly lose interest without them. Visual tools make websites more pleasent to look at and encourage people to get more involved with the company/organization. especially visual tools like user-generated content and sharing photos with the business.

  2. I agree that using visuals are very important to the success of social media because they help bring attention. They make a website much more interesting for the viewer. They can be used to bring in viewers which then brings awareness and attention to the company. The tips on this site are very helpful and detailed. Pictures are really a great visual took because they are easy to add and interesting to look at.

  3. Visuals are definitely an important aspect of marketing. Even while I was reading the article provided, I used the visuals to help me along. Visuals are an easy thing for anyone to look at. It almost helps the language barrier that can exist with some businesses trying to communicate with their users.

  4. Any visuals will make any marketing/advertisements more appealing, especially on social media. I know if I go to a website, having something to look at besides just text helps me. It makes a page more interesting and personable. For ex: the Facebook cover photo. By looking at my different friend’s cover photos can give me a sense of what they are like and make a page more personable. Visuals are definitely key to social media and any type of marketing in general.

  5. I think all of her suggestions were great, for visuals are a very important component of advertising. This article was a great example of how visuals enhance advertising and are more appealing, for the visuals made it so much easier to read.

  6. All of the tips are right on point. I think that having pictures connects the readers image to the image that the company wants to portray. With just words people cannot really visualize what the company wants. Images on the other hand get the idea and a visual image for across to the customer.

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