Take a look at this infographic about the best and worst of social media in 2012 from mba-in-marketing.com.


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  1. Very interesting and accurate visual detailing the risks and rewards of various social media campaigns/marketing plans. All success can be attributed to how the audience perceives something, evident in examples shown in the graphic. A humorous video that went viral did wonders for a new company called Dollar Shave Club, while the McDonalds #McDStories campaign did nothing but elicit bad experiences and memories from past customers.

  2. I think this is an interesting post and serves to remind us that while there are many benefits to social media, there can also be many negative aspects as well. That being said, I think its always great to be able to have a wide following and that social media is definitely a very important aspect to promote companies and reach a mass of people, and has very many positive aspects.

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