Useful Free TrendWatching Resources

9 Feb

On a regular basis, many of of us anticipate and stay current with the latest trends. And predictions for future trends. As we reported before, TrendWatching represents one valuable source in this area. Thus, today’s post considers useful free TrendWatching resources.

During just this past year, these posts highlighted the importance of studying trends:


Background: Useful Free TrendWatching Resources

According to its Web site, TrendWatching describes itself as follows:

“Established in 2002, we have hubs in London, Singapore, New York, Amsterdam, São Paulo, and Lagos. And we help forward-thinking business professionals in 180+ countries understand the new consumer. As a result, they can unlock compelling, profitable innovation opportunities.”

In monitoring trends, the firm uses 2,000+trend spotters and in-house experts across 55 countries. Why? Take a look at this chart. To see a larger version, click on the image.

Useful Free Trendwatching Resources

And click here to access a “3 minute overview” of TrendWatching.


Links to Useful Free TrendWatching Resources

Besides to its paid clients, TrendWatching offers a number of FREE resources. And here we cite just some of them:

  • At this page, TrendWatching summarizes its free resources.
  • As an ongoing resource, TrendWatching publishes “TrendWatching Quarterly: the definitive viewpoint on consumerism’s most pressing issues.” For the free signup, click here. [You can also opt to receive “Innovation of the Day .”]
  • Now, click the images to see examples of trends around the globe. To illustrate, featured below are articles on these areas. Overall trends. And trends in Africa. And trends in Asia. In addition, Latin trends. Also, read the stories on brands, the customer experience, truthful consumerism.

These are just a selection of the free resources from TrendWatching. Do not be a copy cat or laggard. Be a trendsetter. And awareness is the key to good strategies.

Overall Trends

Useful Free TrendWatching Resources -- Overview

Trends in Africa

Useful Free TrendWatching Resources -- Africa

Trends in Asia

Useful Free TrendWatching Resources -- Asia

Latin Trends

Useful Free TrendWatching Resources -- Latin



Useful Free TrendWatching Resources -- Brands

Customer Experience

Useful Free TrendWatching Resources -- Customer Experience

Truthful Consumerism

Useful Free TrendWatching Resources -- Truthful Consumerism

Data Analytics Can Help Predict Consumer Behavior

8 Feb

As we know, forecasting how consumers will behave is big challenge for marketers. In essence, what are we — as shoppers — going to do in the future? Thus. let’s see how data analytics can help predict consumer behavior.

As described by Techopedia. We extract and sort data to learn and assess behavior and patterns. And techniques vary according to a firm’s requirements.”

At this point, take a look at these prior posts on the topic:


Data Analytics Can Help Predict Consumer Behavior

To better grasp how analytics can help predict behavior, read on.

Because of big data, we have a simpler prediction process. As we noted last year:

“eMarketer published a Big Data Roundup for 2017. And it concluded that ‘Most key goals of marketers are rooted in big data. This includes targeting and customer relations, attribution, and AI. eMarketer has articles, insights, and interviews. To help you understand why and how marketers put these  data sets to work.”

Now, Dot Com Infoway (DCI) produced an analytics infographic. With it, marketers can better use analytics to predict behavior:

“Predicting behavior is a big challenge for marketers worldwide. And though it has always been hard, today it is harder. With consumers exposed to new technologies, products, and even new wants!”

“Thus, the infographic explains the importance of analyzing behavior. And with graphics, it shows behavior of an average online buyer. Along with sites where consumers share feedback. Next, the infographic lists steps in making a purchase. Also, it informs about the  buying behavior process. At the end, it explains predictive modeling.”

To learn more about data analytics, click the infographic. If you do so, you will see lots of good info on this topic. And the read is worth the time!


Data Analytics Can Help Predict Consumer Behavior

Social Media Video Marketing

7 Feb

Social media video marketing continues growing at a very fast rate. As a result, many social media users watch videos on a regular basis.

Take a look at these posts on social videos:


Social Media Video Marketing

For today’s post, let us examine three good sources of information on social media video marketing.



According to eMarketer:

“Marketers simply cannot afford to ignore video advertising. Thus, eMarketer predicts that video ad spending in the U.S. alone will reach $15.42 billion this year. And it will grow to $22.18 billion by 2021. New research from artificial intelligence-powered video creation service Wibbitz provides some insight into which social media platforms video advertisers should be paying attention to—and it’s pretty much what you would expect.”

YouTube/Vimeo and Facebook are the runaway leaders for viewer participation. To read more, click on the chart.

Social Media Video Marketing

Small Business Trends

According to Small Business Trends:

“So what is the right type of video? According to the infographic, hard-sell videos don’t work. Explainer, testimonial, demonstration, and personalized videos have greater success. Seven in 10 people stated they saw content that is interesting from a particular brand in a more positive light.”

“Once you know what type of videos to create, it should be the right length. If the video is too long, the chances of losing your audience increases. Under three minutes seems to be the sweet spot. When it comes to choosing the social media channels, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter, each platform has its pros and cons. This will depend on the type of business you have and the demographic you want to reach, according to the data shared by Filmora Wondershare.”

To read more, click the infographic.

Social Media Video Marketing

Social Media Icons Photo via Shutterstock


BI Intelligence

According to BI Intelligence, despite its popularity, YouTube is not perceived as trustworthy. And this is why:

“The social platform that finished dead last did so because of its abusive comments section and annoying ads. Still, this hasn’t dissuaded people from visiting, as evidenced by the time spent monthly and massive user base. This platform also resonates more with older generations.”

To read more, click on the chart.

Social Media Video Marketing

Rating Super Bowl LII Advertising

6 Feb

Today, we conclude our three-part series on the 2018 Super Bowl. On Sunday, we looked at a number of 2018 Super Bowl LII Fun Facts. Yesterday, we watched Several Super Bowl LII Company Ads. Now, we look at three sources rating Super Bowl LII advertising .

If you want to easily access all Super Bowl LII ads, click here. AND, if you want to see past Super Bowl ads, click here. At that site is Ad Age‘s Super Bowl archive.

Unfortunately for advertisers, early ratings show that viewership for Super LII was the lowest since 2009. At $5 million per 30-second ad during the game, this is disappointing. Even with the highest-scoring Super Bowl ever!


Rating Super Bowl LII Advertising

In general, how good were this year’s Super Bowl ads? To Evans on Marketing, this did not seem like an overly distinguished group of ads. Boring and copy cat came to mind. But yes, we did think there were a few standouts.

And we’re not alone in our overall rating. As one ad industry  expert noted for the NY Times:

“’It’s really a pretty lame year,’ said Marianne Malina, president of the agency GSD&M in Austin, Tex. ‘When the TV promos for the Olympics and ‘The Voice,’ and the N.F.L. — and Justin Timberlake — overshadow a lot, that says everything.’”

That said, here are the five best ads. According to three different sources.


USA Ad Meter

In USA Today’s annual Super Bowl Ad Meter, online volunteers rate ads on a score of 1 to 10. Viewers must watch all of the ads for their votes to count.

According to USA Today, the top five ads were:

Rating Super Bowl LII Advertising -- USA Today

Ad Age Super Bowl Ad Rank

As described by Ad Age:For the inaugural Ad Age Super Bowl Ad Rank With Morning Consult, a survey was conducted online among 3,956 respondents in the advertising and marketing industry. And each ad was rated between 1 to 10 on effectiveness and entertainment.”

According to Ad Age, these 5 ads ranked best:

  1. Amazon — Alexa Loses Her Voice
  2. Tide — It’s a Tide Ad
  3. Tourism Australia — Dundee
  4. NFL — Touchdown Celebrations to Come
  5. Budweiser — Stand By You

To view the full Ad Age ranking, click on the image from the Alexa ad.

Rating Super Bowl LII Advertising -- Ad Age


Variety’s Super Bowl Ad Ranking

Varietyis [a] premier source of entertainment news. Since 1905, the most influential leaders in the industry have turned to Variety for timely, credible, and straightforward news and analysis — information vital to their professions.”

According to Variety, these 5 ads ranked best:

  1. Amazon — Alexa Loses Her Voice
  2. Doritos Mountain Dew — DORITOS BLAZE vs. MTN DEW ICE
  3. Tide — It’s a Tide Ad
  4. Tourism Australia — Dundee
  5. NFL — Touchdown Celebrations to Come

To view the full Variety ranking, click on the image from the NFL ad.

Rating Super Bowl LII Advertising -- Variety


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