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  1. I like this article. I didn’t know that colors meant so much to a brand, logo, etc. When I think about all of the products and services I use I realize that the color and design is the first impression and the reason why I even consider wanting a product or service. However, my favorite colors are green, white and purple so I may also gravitate towards things that have those colors in it. Who knows? Simple, yet informative article.

  2. The fact that brands and logos use color to draw in consumers does not surprise me. Color draws people in and conveys mood so it is natural to think that companies will use specific colors to highlight their products. I myself always find myself drawn to products that have colors that stick out. They catch the eye and automatically make me interested in the product.

  3. It’s amazing that just the color and the design of a logo can determine if a customer will buy a certain product. These are the first things consumers will notice, drawing them in. Of course these aren’t the only reasons to buy something, but they are definitely a factor.
    These are just two simple ways that companies can draw in prospective consumers.

  4. I really enjoyed this post because it is so relevant to everyday activities. Consumers, subconsciously do in fact choose products based on logo and design. I happen to be one of them actually. I feel if the company took the time to create an eye-catching product with an attention-grabing design, it is worth a try. However, it is true that you can’t judge a product’s ability off of their logo. It is absolutely true that color adds emphasis and flair to any product. Different colors portray different moods and messages to the consumers. It’s funny how some consumers are so oblivious to these marketing tactics.

  5. I think it’s so true that color definitely matters because that’s how we make our first judgement on a product or company. I also think it’s interesting that those colors are associated with those characteristics, and most of the time it’s subliminal and we don’t even think about it. Color choice goes a long way, but sometimes I feel like companies try too hard, get too fancy with colors, and the logo becomes convoluted.

  6. I absolutely agree with the fact that color is one of the most important factors of a logo. The color must agree with the mood of the product for instance, it would be unlikely for someone to buy water with a black label over one with a blue one. But besides color, simplicity also matters a great deal. Logos are often very simple and easy to remember as studies have shown that in most cases, the more simple the logo, the more successful it is.

  7. I really enjoyed this post because color really is a key factor in a logo. Sometimes we don’t even realize but I know can say for myself that i analyze my decisions about what store to go in by looking at the logo. If i don’t like it i usually wont go in, weather i like the logo or not most likely deals with what color it is. Colors mean so many different things and I liked how it showed examples of different logos in all the colors.

  8. I never really thought about how crucial color is in a logo. Color makes the logo stand out not only on the paper, but also in our minds.

  9. This is no surprise, I expected this. Companies spend millions on advertising and marketing their product and service. With the right color combination on the logo and right slogan, people will remember the brand name and the products. Color of the company can make them stick out or blend in with the rest of their competitors.

  10. Awesome article. It is a no brain-er that a company’s logo is what makes us remember that company when we see it. I love how the adjectives describing the colors were right on target. Because I like to have visuals when thinking about a company, I always think a logo is important and one of the most crucial part of a company.

  11. I completely agree with the article that a companies logo color is a huge part of what makes us consumers remember them by. As a consumer, a lot of things that we buy are based on visuals and appearance. If a company has a standout logo than people are more likely to stop and look at what products they have in store. A good example of this is going to the mall and looking at all the different stores. If a store looks cool on the outside, such as Hollister’s hut-like appearance, it is more likely to draw buyers inside to see what they have to offer.

  12. I honestly never thought that so much time goes in to the thought of producing a label or logo. But now that I think about it it is true that certain colors stand out to me more while other colors drive me away. I can think of a few products that are virtually the same but I choose one over the other because of the design on the box. I feel that after a company establishes themselves in the marketplace with a certain logo they can later go and change it and no one will care. For example Gatorade has done this but they are still one of the most popular sports drinks. Knowing the market will also help make the color decisions.

  13. It is interesting that something as simple as the color of your logo can draw more people to a business. I never thought that color had such a great impact. But thinking about it more, color does make sense. Like the article said, we do, even though we’re told not to, choose a book by it’s cover, so it makes sense that we would choose other things based on their color. I also thought it was interesting that pink isn’t always the first choice for women. For me when I think of feminine, my mind goes to pink. But instead more women choose the color blue. If I ever open my own business, or redesign a logo for a company, I will definitely be thinking about the colors.

  14. Very informative article. It really describes how a company can get you to buy their product based simply off the color of their logo. I find myself doing this all of the time. If a products logo is bright, I would most likely find my attention go towards one like that, rather than one that is dark and doesn’t stand out. Colors make a great first impression and that’s the most important one to make.

  15. Reading this entry really made me realize how much color really affects the perception of a logo. Looking at the descriptions of yellow, orange, purple, pink and blue among the others, I found myself really thinking “wow that is how I see this color, that is how it makes me feel”. I agree that the color of logos sends a message, and you want your message to be different, stand out and appeal to others.

  16. I agree that colors used in logos are very important. They make your logo stand out more and attract more consumers. Also a creative and colorful logo will make a company’s brand more recognizable. This article makes a very good point.

  17. i think that this is a very interesting article. It really shocks me how important color is while deciding on a logo. After looking at each color, and seeing their description words, i can easily say that the words describing these colors is true. For example, when i see the color pink, it reminds me of femininity, love, and delicacy. The more the color attracts the eye, the more that brand or product will sell.

  18. I completely agree that color is important in marketing – your product needs to catch the consumer’s eye. However, I think it is important to mix color with a clean logo/design. If I cannot read a label with ease, I am not going to strain my eyes trying to read it and I’ll move onto a competitor’s product. Marketers need to know which colors blend together well and which ones do not.

  19. I really liked this post because I could relate to it. I will admit that I have been drawn to a product because of it’s packaging one too many times. It is so true that we make snap judgments based on visuals, so why not take advantage of that. The fact that a company can increase brand recognition by up to 80% because of its logo shows how important it is to put thought into the design. It is important that a logo be captivating, appealing, and memorable in order to draw a customer in.

  20. The Director of British Design Experts, Simon Bonello discusses the important role color plays in a logo’s design. He cites research that says 85% of people choose one brand over another based on its color. Since I am majoring in Graphic Design, I found this blog entry very interesting. I enjoyed reading the colorful graphic he provides which assigns different personalities to each color. Color not only increases brand recognition; it also draws our eye to what we are reading on the logo. I wonder how many people realize the influence color has on us.

  21. It never occurred to me that color has such a big impact on the success of a company’s logo but the logo is oftentimes the first encounter a consumer has with the company and a logo that has the ability to pull an audience in and convey the message of the company is one worth keeping! I found it surprising that yellow, seemingly a passive color, has such strong connotations and effects on viewers. The meanings behind the other colors make sense and spending a substantial amount of time planning your logo is the smart way to go. This article was enlightening and I enjoyed reading it.

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