Many times, people have good questions about how to engage in online marketing but are afraid to ask them.

Consider this observation from David Williams, CEO of Fishbowl: “The Internet has been around for quite a while now, but there are still a surprising number of business executives who don’t understand its usefulness and are afraid of looking weak by seeking to learn the basics of Online marketing. For the past half-decade, my Marketing team has been using PPC ads, SEO, social media, blogs, and other online tools to reach a wide audience and educate them about a topic as seemingly boring as inventory management software. If we can do it, you can definitely do it as well. In that spirit, I would like to humbly offer my answers to eight questions about online marketing that we find many companies are still too embarrassed to ask.”

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5 Replies to “How to Better Engage in Online Marketing: Questions You May Be Embarrassed to Ask”

  1. I think this information can be very useful for people looking to market their business ideas. In the age of growing technology that we live in, it is foolish not to capitalize on using the internet. I liked the advice given on how to use social medias. Twitter and Facebook are widely used by college students as a social medium, but they can be used for business purposes too. I have never used LinkedIn, but I plan to use it in the future.

  2. I think it’s so important to read this list, or something like it for people in any business. The internet is a really efficient, and oftentimes, a free way to market your business for many people to see. With the way our world has shifted to all sorts of devices, it’s imperative to be internet savvy regardless of your age or profession. But in terms of marketing, the internet is a tremendous way to do it.

  3. after reading this article, i have instantly gained more knowledge on how to better engage in online marketing. i think that is it important that people in the marketing business, or any other business familiarize themselves with the internet, and the social networks. I think that twitter and facebook are very beneficial in business because it is used by many people in the world, mostly the younger generations. It lets companies and business advertise and put themselves out there for the world to see. This article teaches people how to use these types of social networks to their advantage, and not to over abuse or under use them.

  4. I think that these answers are extremely helpful and important. Technology, especially the internet, is a major part of life today. It is important to understand how to efficiently market ideas in the business world. Social media is a very smart way to get your ideas out there. Everyone is on these social media websites, so your product will be seen by that many more people. By not following the tips given here you are at a disadvantage because many competitors are marketing their products by using these websites.

  5. David Williams, CEO of Fish Bowl, a company that offers services and products to help businesses with online marketing. This blog provides information for executives who aren’t that savvy about online marketing and might not be comfortable admitting it. Williams gives the meaning of 8 key terms and his opinion of their value. I think this is great because he provides very basic, easily understandable definitions. It is a starting place and definitely clarifies terms which might have been confusing.

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