Since CEOs set the the tone for their companies, their support of social media is essential for success on this platform.

eMarketer notes that: “As social media tear down the walls between brands and consumers — and put a premium on visibility and engagement — companies are finding that getting their CEOs out in front of online channels is becoming a more essential part of a brand’s business strategy. When public relations firm Weber Shandwick looked at the online activity of CEOs from 50 of the world’s largest companies in 2010, only 36% were considered ‘social’ — meaning they engaged on a company Web site, appeared in a video on the company YouTube channel, or had a public and verifiable social network profile or blog. In 2012, when Weber Shandwick studied the same brands, nearly double that percentage were deemed a ‘social CEO,’ at 66%.”

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  1. I think it is important for a CEO to be visible to the public. The image of a strong, visionary leader of a company, I believe, will have much greater customer loyalty then a CEO who stays invisible to the public eye. Consumers want to feel a connection with the businesses they are supporting and seeing the face of the head of the company is definitely a step in the right direction.

    1. I believe the CEO of a company should be involved in the company’s social media. There are some brands out there that are using social media to their advantage, but more companies should join this social media revolution. Loyal customers want to know what is going on inside the company and they want to hear it from the top person. For example, if a customer reads an update on Twitter, he or she can build a better relationship with the CEO and essentially with the company.

  2. Its interesting to see how social media is helping to shape the perception one has of a certain company. Nowadays, going green, developing hybrid cars and having a positive social impact helps develop a positive brand image but if you want to have that edge, getting your CEO to interact on social media more often seems to be the way to go. It’s all about being approachable, having those ‘likeable’ factors and breaking down the barriers between customer and the company. It goes again to reaffirm the notion that the customer is king and at the end of the day determines how well the company does.

  3. This article brought me back to the end of summer and fall season of 2012, when social media was being utilized in the Presidential Election. It would provide a platform for the nominees to communicate with their supporters and show their productivity in their campaigns. However, it remained unclear as to how Twitter participation could generate into more followers, and whether that definitely meant more party supporters. From this report, it’s evident that social media geniuses still have not mastered this kind of strategizing concept. This makes it all the more interesting that it is being carried over to CEO and company presence on Twitter, resulting in a decrease of channel visibility.

  4. It is evident that social media has changed businesses for the better and also the worse. Social media can range from twitter to myspace to Facebook. Any form of media that spreads information about a specific company. If a CEO was in charge of the social media, I feel it would absolutely attract followers and consumers. However, does a CEO really need to be focusing and worrying about social media? Yet, if a CEO is incorporated and view in videos or such like that, I feel it adds a personable aspect to the company for all followers and viewers to enjoy!

  5. I believe that CEOs definitely need to be in the public lime-light at certain points in time. They make themselves stand out as exemplary executives, and start to gather a following of people who admire them. Also, they stand for the company and all of it values as well. If they do not make a good impression to the people of society, then society will not have a good impression about the company in general.

  6. Without a doubt social media has completely revolutionized the world of advertising. It makes advertising easy because it is relatively inexpensive, but at the same time you’re reaching out to a massive number of potential consumers. This chart clearly shows the impact that something so simple, such as the CEO appearing on a Youtube video or on the Facebook page of the company, can create a positive impact on consumers. This also makes the brand name stronger because it shows that they care about their consumers. We all know CEOs are very busy individuals, but the fact that they would take the time to appear on social media, shows that they care.

  7. I believe it is crucial for both the customers and the employees to feel the presence of the CEO. Social media is the easiest way for a CEO to achieve this goal. I know when I worked for CVS I wasn’t working close to my capability because I felt the people I was working for didn’t even know who I was.

  8. I believe it is essential for a CEO’s presence to be felt throughout the social media. Nowadays, consumers are more likely to find out information about a product through websites such as youtube and Facebook because we are a technological society. A CEO of a company who is great with social media is Michael Jordan and his footwear. One of the main reasons why the Jordan brand is so successful is because CEO Michael Jordan made a cool image for himself and revolutionized the advertising world through his basketball commercials.

  9. I did research for my…. Research methods class on CEO social media participation. The best buy CEO was huge into being participative and social. I believe this ended up getting him gone. The CEO of chik-fil-a. Anthony Weiner. Social media is great, but it’s very easy for a figure head to destroy themselves with it.

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