As we know, new technologies are making it easy and convenient to watch TV programming on various devices and from many different locales. The future will definitely be more user-friendly than ever before.

Nonetheless, according to eMarketer: “Although both paid TV subscribers and cord-cutters are streaming video content on a regular basis, TV Everywhere (TVE) — services that enable cable and network customers to watch TV content on any internet-connected device by authenticating their subscriptions — lacks both traction and consumer awareness. Although most TVE services are free to most paying cable customers at this time, it’s possible that cable companies and networks will want to monetize these features — especially should uptake increase dramatically. In order to stay relevant among mobile device-toting content streamers, TVE providers will have to give consumers something of value that’s competitive with the free or low-cost Internet-based services they are already accustomed to.”

What do YOU think?

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8 Replies to “TV Everywhere?”

  1. Agree. Not many consumers are aware of TV everywhere, and I’m one of them! I enjoy streaming offers through Amazon, and I have downloaded many of the network channels Apps, and have Netflix and apple TV. My thoughts on this is if consumers are charged any more to watch TV, they will protest. My cable bill is outrageous and doesn’t warrant the cost, as the choices are not worth $170/month for your favorite reality show. Maybe a little competition would bring down the costs. TV everywhere is a disruptive technology as was buying music on line in the iTune days. It is wrought with anti-trust issues, restricting competition, and I think until these issues are resolved the big corporations like Time Warner and Comcast will continue to offer it.

  2. People have begun to move away from paid TV since the introduction of Netflix and I believe if anymore is charged people will move away all together. Consumers today want what they want when they want it. Online streaming provides them exactly that for a fraction of the cost of paid TV subscriptions. I think TV subscriptions are already fading out it is now up to a new model to take its place.

  3. Personally, another subscription to TV programming would probably send me further away from watching television. Currently, this potential television service is another good idea yet are people really going to pay for another subscription? Yes, this service is very convenient due to finding an easy internet connection, but I could confidently say that people could wait to watch their shows when they are available at their own leisure. I don’t feel that having TVE would increase any buzz or interest. Clearly, the economy is at a horrible state and I think this is the last thing people are worried about.

  4. I understand why people are using more and more TVE and programs like Netflix and Hulu Plus. It’s cheap, convenient and there are no commercials. However, I do agree that it is making consumers more and more unaware. This is because they are not being exposed to different marketing tactics, there are no commercials to watch on these programs.

  5. As a person who takes full advantage of TV Everywhere, I feel it is important for companies to offer different means of TV viewing and easy access to watchers. It is essential that they take the customer into consideration and offer something that will be appealing to the buyer, in comparison to the low cost and free Internet based services that already exist. From a personal perspective, I will always be more apt to take the most convenient and low cost route that is out there, and am interested to see what new innovations companies and networks will come up with as the TVE trend grows.

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