When we began this blog in May 2012, we had no idea where we would be in August 2021. Certainly, there was no expectation that this blog would reach its current popularity. Or envision that Evans on Marketing hits 2500 posts. Especially with Joel Evans having surgery for pancreatic cancer in early 2015.

For so many reasons, we are V-E-R-Y grateful. Thank YOU for reading.

Yes, that’s my emoji. LOL.

Evans on Marketing Hits 2500 Posts


Yes It Is True: Evans on Marketing Hits 2500 Posts

In recognition of post 2500, we cite our most popular posts. With brief descriptions of them. And links to their pages. 

  1. Online Shopping Behavior by Gender and Age (September 2013) — Look at the following chart, which groups people by age and gender. Where do YOU fit? Are the findings reflective of YOUR behavior?
  2. L’Oréal Ups Its Product Mix in China (April 2014) — With the rapid growth of the Chinese market, L’Oréal is greatly ramping up its efforts there.
  3. How Colors Affect Consumers’ Product Perceptions (May 2014) — To learn more about the perceptions of people with regard to red, yellow, blue, orange, green, and purple, click on the infographic from Fast Company.
  4. Avoid Being Scammed (May 2018) — As consumers, we certainly want to avoid being scammed. But, that is not always a simple task.
  5. Best Business Decisions Ever? (October 2012) — Once in a great while a leader makes a truly game-changing decision that shifts not only the strategy of a single company but how everyone does business.
  6. Apple and Planned Obsolescence: Is This Good Or Bad? (October 2013) — Does Apple’s philosophy also spur consumers to buy new product versions that they don’t need?
  7. Avoid Being These Types of Workers (October 2019) — Workfront devised the following infographic. It identifies and describes nine “most despised work personalities.”
  8. Customer Acquisition Strategies (October 2019) — Firms must be sure to allot enough funds to expand their customer base. They need good acquisition approaches. In addition to solid customer retention plans.
  9. Are YOU in a Job Or a Career? (July 2019) — View the infographic.
  10. Which Elements of YOUR Emotional Intelligence Do YOU Need to Improve? (February 2017) — Emotional intelligence is “the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others.


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