Instagram now has 500 million active users, and it is rapid pulling away from Twitter (whose user base has been rather stagnant). Instagram’s popularity has not gone unnoticed by brand marketers who have been posting pictures and videos in great numbers.

Recently, HubSpot wrote about some of the best video examples of brands using Instagram. According to  Lindsay Kolowich:

Remember when Instagram first started allowing users to post videos back in 2013? The first Instagram videos had to be recorded on your phone and could only be up to 15 seconds long. Those were the days that people compared Instagram video to its Twitter-owned counterpart, Vine. Instagram’s come a long way since then, and it’s blown Vine out of the water. Like most of the other popular social networks, the folks at Instagram have made changes to its platform that make it easier for people to post and share videos.”

“In late March 2016, Instagram announced it would start rolling out the ability for Instagram users to upload 60-second videos. For iOS users, it added that users would soon be able to make videos out of multiple clips from their camera rolls. Thanks to these changes, marketers can use the Instagram app to relate with their fans and customers, to communicate their business’ personalities and brand stories, and to express artistic creativity.”

Here are a few of the 17 brands cited by HubSpot. Click on their names to access their Instagram pages. The posts with video have a video camera in the upper right corner:


10 Replies to “Great Video Brand Examples on Instagram”

  1. Instagram is one of my favorite apps to use! “Over the past four years, what began as two friends with a dream has grown into a global community that shares more than 70 million photos and videos each day,” writes co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom of Instagram. This is a perfect example of taking a brand and growing it worldwide. Truly remarkable story!

  2. Instagram videos are another gateway to the digital advertising world and a great one at that. In opposition to Twitter and Vine, this social media outlet harbors a more artistic feel to each and every user’s account, whether it is a consumer or company. Each company’s Instagram page tells a story, which is what separates them from the others and draws in the consumer’s attention.

  3. This is a very interesting and relevant post. It’s amazing how Instagram has exploded in popularity. Instagram advertising has lead to me making purchases I otherwise would not have. Hopefully Facebook isn’t the next social network they blow out of the water!

  4. I follow a lot of accounts of fitness on Instagram. And many of these accounts with a huge amount of followers usually post videos about their daily training and also some commercials and the combination of daily training and the commercial. So video on Instagram is also a good for brands to promote through KOLs.

  5. Instagram has really taken over social media. Many prefer to use that over twitter and Facebook because the content always for creativity and people create a page that they think represents themselves. People take pride in their Instagram accounts and spend many days scrolling through the feeds. With the ability to post videos, Instagram has allowed a new outlet for its users to connect with each other and update their page that they love. By expanding the time that they allow for users to post a video, they are creating a greater space for marketers as well as users to share more about themselves and what they are trying to sell/promote. I used to use vine but now with instagram video, it has made it obsolete. I don’t know a single person that uses it anymore!

  6. Instagram is currently on top of Facebook and Twitter rivals. It amazes me how many people keep joining because the app used to be mainly for millennials. Now people of all different ages are using this great social media platform. Since so many people are using it, businesses see it as a great way to advertise. However, I personally do not like the ads on the gram. When I use the site or app, I do not want to watch videos or see pictures of advertisements. Personally, they make me dislike the company because it is an inconvenience on my feed. However, I can see how Oreo or other companies are trying to do a good job, but it still does not appeal to me. Maybe if they try to be more creative or more connected, I would like the ads better.

  7. Advertising on Instagram by companies has become a big thing. Instagram is a site that generally has bright colors, and is considered lively in a sense. From ads that I have seen companies post on Instagram I notice that they follow the trend to try and make the posts as colorful, and lively as possible. Generally most people follow at least one account on Instagram that has luxurious things, or really nice places around the world. An important key to advertising on Instagram is to make your product fit those guidelines, and try to make it seem amazing. With Instagram great editing tools for a photo it makes it even easier to have the product or message you are trying to pitch stand out even more compared to a regular photo, or putting that ad up on TV.

  8. Instagram has progressed majorly from when it first launched. Now, instagram videos have taken over and are eliminating Vine, twitter, and other video sources. This is very strategic of instagram and has led to the success of it increasing day by day. Their ads are very creative and colorful and enticing, therefore showing their smart marketing side to their app.

  9. Instagram has made it’s way to the top and the ability to add longer videos only strengthens that lead. I sing and I tend to post videos once and a while and hated how Instagram only allowed for 15 seconds of video. On top of that, the use of this extended video is great for ads. Instagram is one of those apps that you flip through for a long time without even noticing it. Now, with these videos, brands can capture someones attention for a minute while they scroll through. I think the extension is going to be very helpful.

  10. I am a huge fan of instagram myself. Instagram has really helped me go to different places that I have never heard about. I think my favorite part about instagram is that it does a great job with organizing all photos in categories such as places. Anytime I have been more curious about a new destination, or restaurant, I have looked up what others have posted about it on instagram to see what it is like. It does a great job at showing how certain places really are. You are not getting the biased opinion of people that might own that restaurant but you are getting photos and opinions of normal people that are trying it. I love this feature of instragram.

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