Go Spaces (also known as Spaces) is a rather new Web site designer and host. It has a free design package that “Brings your business online. Get access to 15 free business tools. Branded Space. 3% per transaction + gateway  fees.” It also offers a premium package for $4 per month: “Take your business to the next level. Get access to 15 free business tools.Unbranded Space. 2.5% per transaction + gateway fees. Free custom domain name with annual subscription.”

According to ere’s what’s distinctive about GoSpaces:

“GoSpaces is expanding into 38 countries and 20 languages, making it accessible to more than one-third of the world’s population (2.7 billion people) in their native tongue. The platform will be tailored to each country’s needs regarding use of language and will include local payment gateways, full translations on the backend, and soon to come, auto-currency settings that will help international customers see how much products cost in their local currency.”

“Supported languages include Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, German, Korean, French, Turkish, Italian, Thai, Polish, Dutch, Czech, Swedish, Bulgarian, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian, its blog post says. GoSpaces touts the expansion as advantageous based on the fact that most E-commerce platforms are only available in English, even though English speakers make up just five percent of the world’s population.”

“Kasper Christensen, GoSpace’s co-founder, says the platform’s flexibility in language and payment options opens it up to audiences across the globe. He expressed his excitement in this quote. ‘Already we’ve seen creative uses that we never imagined, like tour guides advertising their services, restaurants posting their menus, and bands using it to sell concert tickets. “Now that we’re in 38 countries, I imagine we’ll see even more variety in the Spaces being created by our community.”


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4 Replies to “GoSpaces, a Free Web Site Builder and E-Commerce Platform”

  1. Go Spaces seems very user friendly. The fact that the website is language and currency specific, to a country, would assure a high consumer satisfaction. It is imperative to cater to the customers needs, so for a website to successfully accommodate the needs of 2.7 billion people shows how progressive they are in working to achieve a high customer retention.

  2. It seems that establishing a platform for public to E-business is a tendency. So I imagine if GoSpaces can release and open more API to public business, then it can attract more small and micro companies to use these free business tools and sources to do more business activities such as selling movie ticket, crowd-funding to create a new product and etc.

  3. It appears that building up a stage for open to E-business is an inclination. So I envision if GoSpaces can discharge and open more API to open business, then it can draw in all the more little and smaller scale organizations to utilize these free business instruments and sources to accomplish more business exercises, for example, offering motion picture ticket, swarm financing to make another item and so forth.

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