In its quest to appeal to more market segments, Volkswagen has been devoting greater attention to young families through an ad campaign that emphasizes safety.

For example, according to Alexandra Stieber, writing for JWT Intelligence: “The Volkswagen Jetta has long been a go-to vehicle for singles, but now the brand is also targeting young married couples. A safety-centric spot addresses head-on the anxiety and apprehension new parents feel about protecting their vulnerable new baby. New parents leaving the hospital carefully place the baby in a car seat and pull the car out, only to be cut off by a van. Scared, the baby sees his brief life flash before his eyes—the gentle humor here lies in how short and basic his flashback is. ‘If your life flashes before your eyes, make sure it’s in an IIHS top safety pick,’ says the voiceover.”

18 Replies to “The Volkswagen Jetta Promotes Safety”

  1. I think that this is a great Volkswagen commercial and a very smart move on the part of Volkswagen overall. The best way to begin marketing towards parents in general is by talking about safety. Safety is the number one concern for most parents especially new parents in terms of a family car.

  2. I believe that mentioning safety is the best way to attract young newly married couples as a new target market. Unlike some of its competitors that have mini-vans and commonly are viewed as family cars, that is the one area that volswagon lags behind. New, young parents are often overly protective and nervous due to their inexperience as parents so by directing their marketing to the safety of their product, it is the most effective way of attracting that target market.

  3. I always thought of Volkswagen as a car for young, single people, like it says above. But I have noticed the the slight shift of the target market in the commercials. Volkswagen has been targeting a new market, mainly young married couples and parents. It makes sense, why wouldn’t a company try and target multiple age groups.

  4. I think that that is a great way for Volkswagen to broaden their target market. This advertisement is simple, sweet, and strongly emphasizes the importance of safety. It shows new parents that Volkswagen is the safe choice when looking for a family car. It also acts as a friendly reminder to all parents that child safety should not be overlooked. I think that this is a smart move for Volkswagen because this safety campaign is adding value to their brand name.

  5. I think that Volkswagen created a very smart commercial. It is a general fact that families, whether brand new or not, can agree that safety is huge. I believe that by promoting their company as a top safety pick, and creating an advertisement that relates to a whole new group of people, they will in fact successfully draw in that demographic. After all, what new parent wants to take home their newborn in a car that will not protect them if the worst happens?

  6. I love this commercial. I think its very catchy and tugs at the heart. Very effective campaign. Additionally, I have been driving a Volkswagen Passat with Diesel Fuel for almost a year, and love it! VW campaign has made an impact on the consumer as whenever I am in a public parking lot, (the mall), someone, mostly males, approach me asking me about the car: the ride, the gas mileage, whether it is easy handling, turning radius etc. It is sporty, safe, has great fuel efficiency and has a smooth wonderful ride. I think VW has it right this time offering a “volvo” like safety message to families, with a moderately priced, very stylish car.

  7. This commercial was a smart way for Volkswagen to start marketing towards a new target audience. Safety is obviously a huge concern with families, and making a commercial that highlights it is a great way to grab people’s attention. Volkswagen without a doubt is broadening their target audience in an effective way, making their product appeal to a new group of people.

  8. This is a great commercial for Volkswagen. They clearly show who the target audience is that they are trying to attract. They also clearly show the purpose of the new model is to increase safety. Safety is the main concern when it comes to new parents. Overall, a well made commercial.

  9. I think this is a great idea. I have a Jetta myself and i have ti say I love that car. It was my first car, I have never felt not comfortable in it. I trust that I will get to my destination safely. As a young driver it speaks that a car should be safe so why not promote its classic style to young married couples?

  10. I had never seen this commercial until this blog post and I thought it was pretty cute. I think it was smart of Volkswagen to add a bit of humor. Unless you’ve seen the commercial a dozen times, most people don’t remember a commercial unless it was incredibly touching or made them laugh. I also thought it was smart that they got cut off by the van; it wasn’t a car crash (which would have been much too dramatic) and it’s a common occurence that most people encounter often. Volkswagen’s commercial is relatable, which gives it an advantage at catching people’s attention.

  11. The marketing strategy for Volkswagen jetta seems to be very effective in attracting not only new couples looking to start a family but any person looking for a safe option to be able to travel around in. By focusing on the safety aspect of the car, it appeals to the majority of people in all social classes because this is something that most people account in when they are looking to purchase a new car.

  12. Over the past couple of years Volkswagen has really been making an effort to raise the awareness for the safety of their vehicles. The commercial is great because it shows a very serious topic for newly married parents but also shows the classic comic relief in most VW commercials. Overall I think it VW has changed its image to a safer car. Today most people think of a new Volkswagen and think that its safe and also gives a sporty side not the other way around. VW is really redefined today.

  13. I think this was very intelligent of Volkswagen to produce this commercial. i think it was clever to show the new born baby being put into this car. This shows the audience of the commercial that the Volkswagen is a safe car, and it is perfect for new families. This really opens the eyes of parents, because they are always looking for whats the safest for the child, especially if that child is a new born baby. Volkswagen caught the attention of the viewers by showing a serious situation, in a comical way. This encourages the viewers to watch on and be interested in the commercial. I think that this commercial caused Volkswagen sales to increase to new parents, and even people who want to feel the most safe in their new car.

  14. Volkswagen has been stepping up to the plate and delivering in recent times. Not only are they making cars appeal to many crowds, they are also making these cars safe to drive. While Volkswagen have been making their cars very safe, they are also crucially telling the public why their products should be bought through commercials and other advertisements. This commercial in particular is a great way to convince the public that their products are safe and reliable. It is an effective Advertisement, and as the article above says, it effectively uses “gentle humor” in order to make society see its point.

  15. I think this is a great commercial for Volkswagen. It is directed towards their target audience of young couples and it focuses on safety. They want to make Jetta the new family car. Volkswagen’s commercial is trying to tell young couples that the Jetta will protect the life of their new born child. The commercial definitely captures your attention and proves its point that the Jetta is a safe car for your family.

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