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  1. Localizasian is a growing phenomenon with respect to the growing middle class in many asian economies.
    It comes as no surprise that a global organization such as Estee Lauder is actually tailoring its makeup products to fit the wide array of Asian complexions. However several decades ago that wouldn’t have been the case since their main target audience was the white middle class consumer….while still hoping to appeal to the “minorities” using a one size fits all approach.
    It is interesting to see how its modus operandi has changed with the expansion of international trade and the growing buying power of other ethnic middle classes.
    It brings to light the capitalist tendencies of many of these organizations…. Their main goal is to make huge returns on their investments rather than aim to make every woman feel beautiful…
    If the size of the asian middle class was a lot smaller….could we expect such huge investments and undivided attention from this company that claims to “bring to best to everyone they touch”?Probably not as history shows…

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