5 Replies to “Business-to-Business Marketing: Some Tips”

  1. Very Interesting video regarding B2B branding. It explains how branding is much more than just logos and graphics, but rather the sum total of everything that goes into a company while doing business. B2B usually serves as an accurate depiction for the way a company is run.

  2. This video was a perfect, easy representation of B2B branding. It explains it in such an easy way: every interaction you have, whether it be personal or viral, is important. Everything a company does is noted and documented. Companies live in fishbowls; their lives are known by everyone and it is important for them to remember that. What they do behind closed doors inside their companies reflects how they do business with others. Not only should they be doing good business with their consumers, but more importantly their competitors. People are more likely to buy from a company that treats everyone fairly than someone who monopolizes and treats other companies with disrespect. It’s like high school all over again.

  3. I like your comparison to high school Rebecca, it is totally true. Companies have to treat their brand like a public image, their representation of themselves – just like the way you created an image of yourself in high school. I like how this video stated that brand is not just about the logo and what not, but their interactions with not only consumers, but internal employees, suppliers, competitors and the rest of the world. I especially liked at the end when they said that B2B is not a one time job, but day in and day out. Many companies have been using social media for this by posting and tweeting daily to keep their brand out there.

  4. I agree with both Rebecca and Giulia. Branding is so much more than a logo or design. A good logo or design is not what brings back loyal customers or makes happy employees. Every little thing with customers and suppliers really do factor into creating a successful company. This video did a great job explaining B2B.

  5. This was a great video. I like the concept that branding is the sum total of everything you do. Companies should focus on a consumer’s entire experience. While a catchy logo may draw a customer in, it is all interactions that follow that will determine the level of customer loyalty. Businesses should think of their brand as their overall reputation.

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