What is your greatest strength? Are you capitalizing on it?

According to Laura Garnett, writing for Inc.: “Making your brand stand out is easier than you might think. To do so, you must find your zone of genius — that is, where your greatest passion meets your innate talent. Your zone is unique to you, fitting your personality traits like a finely tailored suit. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Identifying your zone of genius can also help you identify your ideal client. No business wants or needs to market to everyone. Your zone of genius provides a level of specificity that allows you to identify the person that is going to connect immediately with your approach and your passion. If you can clearly articulate these in your brand, your ideal client will find you.”

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6 Replies to “Do You Have a Genius Zone?”

  1. I think there is a lot to be said for this. But I also think that it’s a lot harder to find your “genius zone” than it is to market yourself once you’ve found it. Finding something that very few people are better at than you isn’t easy. I just think if you have that talent, you will know how to use it to your highest advantageous almost instinctively.

  2. This is a very idealistic way of trying to see how we can throw ourselves into the world (or rather, market ourselves). Your genius zone is definitely that you should discover at some point in your life, but it is much easier said than done. People can develop talents for plenty of activities, but an activity that we truly love should be one that stands out in how we execute it and that should provide a certain distinction from other peoples’ passions.

  3. I understand what this article is trying to put other there for others, and I find it inspiring to read as a college student working towards a successful career. The sooner a person identifies and maintains a zone of genius, the better off he will be. However, unless he’s been doing that for years before he began college, it’s possible he wouldn’t be as good at his craft or expanding his brand as he is now. It definitely is easier for people to focus on this concept if they know what they want to do; for others, it’s a struggle that leaves them lagging behind competition in the job market. If I was one of those that didn’t exactly know what they were passionate about, I would feel very discouraged and dissatisfied with the work that I put in to my education.

  4. I love the idea of a zone of genius because it really combines where someones natural talents meet their natural drive and motivation to accomplish something. It is what makes someone go from good to great. Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and LeBron James all share these traits to give some examples. When someone has such a love and passion for a particular activity they can go to great lengths to achieve greatness.

  5. The genius zone seems very effective on page but realistically, it’s not easy to market yourself because you either need to provide something completely new thats never been done, or offer the same good or service in a more effective way. This is because not everyone has found this “genius zone” at such an early point in life.

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