Early Shopping Insights for the 2021 Holiday Season

We have published more than 100 stories about various aspects of holiday shopping. Now, we look at early shopping insights for the 2021 holiday season.


From eMarketer: Early Shopping

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Cryptocurrency Is an Energy Hog

Intuitively, this does not seem possible. Cryptocurrency is an energy hog. After all it, it doesn’t make anything or seem to use scarce resources. However, we alluded to this

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Amazon Is at a Crossroads

Despite its phenomenal success, Amazon is at a crossroads. Why? It plans to move further away from its online business model. And open hundreds of physical stores. Does

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Why a Company Should Hire YOU

In a job search, there are many things to consider. Yet, the key for success involves clearly and distinctively showing why a company should hire YOU.

Thus, excellent

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Evans on Marketing Hits 2500 Posts

When we began this blog in May 2012, we had no idea where we would be in August 2021. Certainly, there was no expectation that this blog would reach its

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