One key career goal should be to respected and respectful of the workplace. Another would be acting as a good team player. Still another would be to cut down on constant complaining. Thus, the title of this post: Avoid Being These Types of Workers.

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Avoid Being These Types of Workers from Nine Categories

Workfront devised the following infographic. It identifies and describes nine “most despised work personalities.” Subtitled, “annoying work personality traits that kill productivity.”

To succeed, we must not fall into one of these personality types. If we do, we need to self assess why. And then strive to improve ourselves.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the way we see ourselves may not be how others perceive us. As a result, we must do a solid job of communicating our positive attributes to our colleagues. Also, we improve any perceptions other have of us that are negative in nature.

“If you have a few personal qualities that you want to change, you’re not alone. In fact, many people would like to tweak their personality a little. The good news is that your personality isn’t set in stone. With some effort, you can change yourself for the better. However, this process will take dedication and patience, especially if you are older. You can get started by identifying which undesirable traits you want to get rid of and which positive qualities you’d like to develop to replace them. After that, you can put your new personality traits into practice until they become automatic.”


Avoid Being These Types of Workers

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