In a job search, there are many things to consider. Yet, the key for success involves clearly and distinctively showing why a company should hire YOU.

Thus, excellent self-branding is a must.


As One of Many: Why a Company Should Hire YOU

To be considered as the best applicant for a job, you must communicate why. In a clear, detailed, and compelling way. Tailored to the specific job.

For several good tips, we turn to

“Why should we hire you?” is one of the top 5 interview questions you will be asked. We show you how to provide the type of interview answer employers are looking for.

You need a good understanding of the key requirements for the given job. Carefully going through the job posting, understanding the job description and researching the company will ensure you know the skills and experience you should focus on in your interview answer.

Focus on your accomplishments. As well as how they ensure your success in this job opportunity. In which areas of the job description do you really shine? What makes you the right job candidate? 

  • It is all about what you can do for the company. Rather than what the company can do for you! The employer wants to know what value you will add to the company. Not why you think the company will provide you with what you want.
  • Prepare beforehand. And be ready with your top 3 to 5 selling points as they relate directly to this specific job.
  • Be confident that you are the right person for this job. Be willing to tell the interviewer what makes you a great fit.
  • Avoid talking too much and merely repeating what is on your resume, keep it concise and relevant.

Now, review the information in’s infographic.

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