On Google search, we know that every company cannot rank at number 1 in its category. Nonetheless, there are things to do to improve our search engine optimization (SEO). Hence, we look at tips to outrank competitors on Google.

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An Infographic with Tips to Outrank Competitors on Google

Know how to improve your SEO on Google? Aware of how Google ranks Web sites in search? Most companies and individuals are unable to answer these questions.

For assistance, we turn to tips from Spiralytics, based on the concept of EAT:

“The main purpose of search engines is to give the most accurate result every time someone enters a query in the search bar. For Google, the means to this end involves constant algorithm updates. Every so often, Google rolls out a new set of rules or guidelines to rank Web sites. In turn, Web site owners can come up with content that offers the best search experience for users.”

“One of those algorithm updates included guidelines for something Google calls E-A-T. Although this isn’t an unfamiliar concept in digital marketing, the idea of optimizing for Google’s EAT criteria has never been more important than ever in helping you outperforming other Web sites in search results.”

“In 2014, Google released EAT as part of its Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines that reviewers use to gauge the quality of pages that offer content via the internet. However, not everyone knew how Google actually used E-A-T to determine a quality page. Until February 2019, it wasn’t confirmed by Google [through a white paper] that it works with evaluators who rate content quality in terms of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.”

In the following infographic, Spiralytics offers several EAT tips.


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