As consumers ramp up their holiday shopping, several factors affect their decisions. But more ever, one tactic will drive a lot of holiday shopping. To learn the tactic, keep reading. 🙂


One Tactic Will Drive a Lot of Holiday Shopping — What Is It?

Let’s stop the mystery. The tactic involves shipping. And the terms “free” and “one-day” now take on greater importance. Below, we extend the discussion in our past posts, such as these. Last Mile DeliverBOPUS Gaining Steam [buy online, pickup in store]. Next-Day Delivery and Same-Day Delivery.

Over the past several years, free shipping has become a must-have tactic for most online retailers. As Lucy Koch reports for eMarketer:

“Research from Comscore found that the vast majority of desktop E-commerce transactions over the past four holiday seasons (November-December) have included free shipping. Between 2015 and 2017, that share generally ranged from 67% to 77%. But in 2018, there was a noticeable jump well into the 80% range through most of the holiday shopping season, peaking at 87% across several weeks between Thanksgiving and mid-December.”

One Tactic Will Drive a Lot of Holiday Shopping

With regard to one-day shipping, earlier this month, RetailMeNot identified 17 major retailers offering this benefit. And the firms are in various product categories. Furthermore, RetailMeNot notes that:

“[What is it?] A service that lets you shop anything from birthday gifts to laundry detergent and get it within 24 hours. In fact, more than half (51%) of retailers offer same-day delivery. And 65% plan to offer it within a year. Note that this list isn’t all-inclusive, and availability depends on your location: Call or check online to confirm that your store offers same-day delivery and these services are available in your area.”

Finally, take a look at the brief video from eMarketer about the positive impact of one-day delivery on Amazon.


3 Replies to “One Tactic Will Drive a Lot of Holiday Shopping”

  1. From this article, we can see that transactions went to peaking at 87% across several weeks between Thanksgiving and mid-December in 2018. The One-day Delievery stimulate consumption a lot, especially in the holiday season.
    For me, The One-day Delievery makes my life gets better, I prefer to choose products with this tactic rather than others.

  2. Definitely a trend that is picking up steam! In fact, I noticed the other day that Old Navy teamed up with Postmates and are now offering delivery within hours of ordering. Will be interesting to see if any other stores pick up on this deal.

  3. This is definitely a trend that is picking up and beginning to grow. Consumers are now more than ever willing to skip the lines if it means they don’t have to pay shipping and they can receive it the next day. This gives shoppers more time to shop for their gifts as they can receive anything even up until Christmas eve. I believe consumers will continue to shop online and gain traction as these deals come into fruition. Companies however have become smarter by offering “free shipping” but already include the factor of shipping in the price of the product. It is a smart and clever move by companies.

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