Really? A holiday shopping shopping post in early October. Yes. As we see below, more people shop before Thanksgiving than ever before. Thus, an early look at holiday shopping 2019.

And as we already know, it will be tough to beat holiday 2018. That means early readiness for firms.


RetailMeNot: An Early Look at Holiday Shopping 2019

As RetailMeNot reports:

RetailMeNot and Kelton Global surveyed 1,000+ consumers and 200+ senior retail marketing leaders on their shopping and promotion plans for the 2019 holiday season.”

In starting their holiday shopping for 2019, about 51 percent of shoppers will begin before Thanksgiving. Indeed, one-fifth of shoppers started last month (September). In response, that explains why so many retailers offer holidays deals to correspond to shoppers’ interest. Review the chart from RetailMeNot.

An Early Look at Holiday Shopping 2019

Another interesting result of this research is the three key characteristics of shoppers. They value great prices. May be loyal to retailers they like. At the same, they can be quite demanding. As this chart shows.
An Early Look at Holiday Shopping 2019

From a marketer’s vantage point, what should be done differently this year? From a consumer’s vantage point, what will be the best time to shop in 2019.should be done differently this year?

Later in the year, we will see how well retailers actually perform. And whether these predictions prove right.

3 Replies to “An Early Look at Holiday Shopping 2019”

  1. A pretty interesting phenomena, as our current thoughts the holiday shopping should in peak on holiday period, around that special day. However, the recent trend seem has something different than ever. The reason for consumers’ behavior need to be detected. I suppose that now people are more willing to prepare everything for holiday as soon as possible, to escape the heavy traffic jam and uncomfortable shopping conditions, maybe cheap but feeling bad.

  2. The one good reason consumer spend earlier in holiday shopping is to get the best items before anybody else. Consumers want to get their hands on the best product before anybody is actually very factual and one of the important factor of doing shopping earlier. Later, consumers might have the possibility to not even get the product, suggesting out of stock, however, consumers can buy or pre order it early and have the product ready for them to be purchases if they do the shopping way before the holiday which makes sense if they want the product earlier than others.

  3. It seems a little crazy to shop for the holidays before Thanksgiving, but there are reasons that make sense. Shoppers want to enjoy themselves, not feel the crowds or pressure that the item they want to buy is sold out. Going early helps avoid both. I think stores already have adjusted to this by putting holiday items out way before the season starts. I think this is smart, because it gets people to think about the holidays and start buying. It gives them a longer period of time to shop, which makes a lot of consumers expand their holiday shopping timeframe they originally set for themselves. It may make people purchase more than they intended to.

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