In this post, we kook at how to foster brand affinity. This requires a much stronger customer bond than customer satisfaction.

To start, look at these branding articles:


Advice About How to Foster Brand Affinity

Brand Equity Versus Brand Affinity

According to eBrandValue:

“Brand equity represents the added value that a brand endows a product. The difference between the value of the brand to the consumer and the value of that product without that branding  provides the brand equity.

“In contrast, “Brand affinity shows an individual’s brand preference given a product category. To identify the brand affinity of an individual, we may ask which brands he or she knows. Count (positive) attributes, likes, and preferences over competing alternatives given a buying opportunity. Or, simply look at the individual’s engagements and generated contents about the brands in the category.”

In sum, review this chart from eBrandValue.

How to Foster Brand Affinity

And as Wistia observes:

Brand affinity refers to the most enduring and valuable level of a relationship between a business and consumer based on the mutual belief that they share common values.”

To learn much more, access Wistia’s Brand Affinity Marketing Playbook. To do so, click the image.

How to Foster Brand Affinity

Build Brand Affinity Without a Big Budget

Brand affinity marketing is not limited to big brands. For example, Alexa, the SEO analytics site, offers several tips for small brands. Including these:

    1. Find a niche neglected by big brands. This focus on a niche audience that no one else serves allows small brands to achieve brand affinity and connect with a segment of consumers more deeply.
    2. Serve your customers better than anyone else. Customers can’t resist brands that serve them well. Especially when they felt unheard for some time.
    3. Be yourself unabashedly. Tap into an authentic brand voice. How? Be yourself. When you’re small, you have more flexibility than big-name brands.”
    4. Gain a foothold among influencers. They may amp up credibility pretty quickly. By aligning with well-known figures, you piggyback off the affinity your customers already feel for those people. And influencers don’t have to be celebrities in the traditional sense, either. Every industry has its microinfluencers.”

For more from Alexa, click the image. It shows how brand affinity evolves.

How to Foster Brand Affinity


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