To establish and maintain consumer loyalty, companies need to gain and retain their customers’  confidence. With that in mind, we look at the most trusted brands for 2021.

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From Morning Consult: The Most Trusted Brands for 2021

Annually, Morning Consult conducts global research on the level of trust consumers possess regarding brands. For 2021, Morning Consult surveyed 330,000 consumers in 15 countries:

To assess consumer trust, Morning Consult conducted survey research with more than 15,000 global consumers. Across 15 markets: Australia. Brazil. Canada. China. France. Germany. India. Italy. Japan. Mexico. Russia. South Korea. Spain, the UK,  and the US. The surveys ran in March 2021.

To determine 2021 global rankings of the Most Trusted Brands, we analyzed nearly 300,000 survey interviews with adults 18+. We base the global rankings on aggregated data from 10 markets. Inn this instance, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Spain, the UK, and the US.

Highlights  of Findings

As it reports:

In today’s world, trust is a currency that a brand cannot live without. Only 1 in 10 global consumers say their usage of a brand wouldn’t be damaged if they lost trust. Even more so, the role trust plays in boosting a brand’s reputation, customer loyalty, and the bottom line has never been more critical. Indeed, consumers will more likely to seek out, pay more for, buy more of, recommend, and even forgive a brand if they trust it.

For instance, our latest research shows the incredible impact of trust on global consumers. Missteps or oversights by a brand that lead to bad publicity, subpar experiences, or questionable business practices may lead consumers quickly to a competitor.

Next, consider these results from Morning Consult. Presented in chart form.

The Most Trusted Brands for 2021

The Most Trusted Brands for 2021

The Most Trusted Brands for 2021

The Best of the Best

The Most Trusted Brands for 2021

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