Do YOU understand the psychology of advertising? It is an important marketing concept. And the subject of this article. Thanks to RentSpree for the material and infographic.

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How to Take Advantage of the Psychology of Advertising

It’s no secret that we’re inundated with advertisements everywhere we go. From targeted ads on social media to brand-sponsored streaming shows, it’s just become a way of life. However, you might be surprised to learn just how many ads the average person sees in a day. According to recent estimates, it could be up to 10 thousand! With this type of saturation, only the very best ads  actually capture customer interest. So, what should a marketer do? Learn more about the field of advertising psychology to see what types of tricks and tools make your ads more appealing on a subconscious level.


Understand Thinking Versus Feeling When It Comes to Buying Processes

The first thing to understand? The actual thought process buyers go through when making purchasing decisions. Will most people follow their hearts or their heads? The answer is usually a mix of both. The feeling thought processes comprise the Hedonistic Experiential Model (feeling). As well as the Consumer Processing Model (thinking). You may know of the Hedonistic Experiential Model as “impulse buying.” This occurs when advertisers sway consumers by emotional appeals from ad. Then, they  purchase on a wishful or aspirational level. In contrast, the Consumer Processing Model follows the logical weighing of options. With this model, potential customers see/hear an ad. And, hopefully, agree with its message. They remember it down the road. And decide to purchase what the ad offers. Based on a rational thought process.

When creating your ads, you should keep these two processes in mind and decide which level your ad works on. Take a look at infographic below from RentSpree. To learn more about the colors, fonts, emotions, and language that go into each of these consumer buying models, click to read the in-depth guide from RentSpree.

The Psychology of Advertising

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