Yesterday, we discussed the overall state of the Internet of Things (IoT). Now, we look at one part of the IoT. How AI enhances the customer experience.

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Background on Customer Experience

First, according to Nick Galov, on behalf of Review 42:

Every employee on the first day of a new job should hear “the customer is always right.” Because it is the gold standard to which everyone should obey. However, the perfect customer experience should be approached differently. That is why we chose to change the expression to ”the customer should always come first.” For companies, saving money and time on customer experience will always backfire. Why? Your customers may not share your enthusiasm. Thus, you should focus on making their shopping conversion as short and easy as you can. Each year, we gain insights into many new issues related to customer experience. We must keep learning and upgrading to optimize your brand’s customer experience.


An Infographic Look at How AI Enhances the Customer Experience

Now, we turn to how AI enhances the  customer customer. Based on material from Chattermill, which offers a customer feedback software platform:

“Not only does AI transform the way we park our cars, order coffee, and deposit paychecks. It dramatically affects the customer experience (CX). In ways many users may not even realize! From friendly chatbots to pitch-perfect content recommendations. AI changes CX by minimizing customer service friction. As well as by allowing the integration of self-service and personalization.

“In addition, we must understand that transformation goes two-way. Because AI innovations in customer experience allow brands to gain better insights on what customers really think and feel. Thereby providing better customer service. And more tailored personalization. Indeed, market research firm IDC predicts global spending on cognitive and AI systems will hit $57.6 billion by 2021. As brands continue to recognize the enhanced decision-making value CX initiatives hold.”

Within the following infographic, learn TEN tips from Chattermill.

AI Enhances the Customer Experience


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