After a short break for knee replacement surgery, Evans on Marketing is back. Today, we look at how quality customer experience can increase revenue.

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How Quality Customer Experience Can Increase Revenue

Thanks to Nick Galov of Review 42 for writing the following material and providing the images.

Every employee on the first day of a new job should hear “the customer is always right.” Because it is the gold standard to which everyone should obey. However, the perfect customer experience should be approached differently. That is why we chose to change the expression a bit to ”the customer should always come first.”

For companies, saving money and time on customer experience will always backfire. Why? Your customers may not share your enthusiasm. Thus, you should focus on making their shopping conversion time as short and easy as you can.

Never forget that you only have one chance of leaving a good first impression. If you always keep this in mind, you will more likely approach the customer in the right way. There are, however, several ways of re-attracting your customers online (through retargeting, for example). But such techniques require additional investments.

Frustrations revolving around unprofessional and low-quality customer service are most likely to lead to a lot of negative feedback from your consumers. Esteban Kolsky reports that more than 72% of happy customers are likely to encourage six or more people to try out your products. That is extremely important for you to know. Since it can grow your business significantly.

Also, never forget: customer experience comes from the need for a high-end product or an excellent quality-to-price ratio. Always put product quality first. It is essential in any customer experience.

Each year, we gain insights into many new issues related to customer experience. We must keep learning and upgrading to optimize your brand’s customer experience. To learn more, look at the images below we put together for you.


How Quality Customer Experience Can Increase Revenue

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