At Evans on Marketing, many posts deal with product innovation. Some more offbeat than others. Such  as today’s coverage of a new and interesting innovation – an electric T-shirt.

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Clever and Interesting Innovation – An Electric T-Shirt

Let’s get real.  Ever think you would see a post on an electric T-shirt? For me, a loud NO. At least not for a while. And especially not one as described below.

To learn about this innovation, we turn to Sci Tech Daily. With its discussion by the inventors at the University of Malaga (a port city in the south of Spain and Costa del Sol):

“At the University of Malaga, researchers designed a low-cost T-shirt. It generates electricity from the temperature difference between the human body and the surroundings. It is an ‘E-textile’ prototype. Developed in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa. And based on sustainable methods and low-cost materials like tomato skin.” 

“Indeed, the formula is very simple. Water and ethanol — a type of ecological alcohol. Derived from tomato skin and carbon nanoparticles. According to experts, when heated, the solution penetrates and adheres to cotton. Thereby obtaining electrical properties. Like those generated by tellurium, germanium, or lead,. But from biodegradable materials.”

“As another researchers says, ‘Suppose, a person wears a T-shirt designed with these characteristics, When that person walks or runs, he or she warms up. At that point, the difference between his/her body and the colder temperature of the surroundings could generate electricity.’”

Now, look at a video overview of the product. After that, see the visual with process for making electric T-shirts.

Interesting Innovation - An Electric T-Shirt

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