Last week, we reviewed the misconceptions surrounding the use of incognito windows. As we noted, with these windows, we overestimate our privacy.  Now, we offer tips to better avoid online tracking. And protect our online privacy.


Several Tips to Better Avoid Online Tracking

According to

“The world of online tracking has grown increasingly complicated. Thus, it poses a great threat to consumer privacy. Marketing has come a long way from telephones. For example, online advertisers use a variety of technologies to track consumers’ online and offline behavior. Then, they target ads based on that behavior.”

“A significant disconnect exists between the type of tracking that companies use on the Web. And what people know or think happens. The general public has very little idea that every second they connect to the Internet, their behavior is tracked. And used to create a ‘profile’ sold to companies for targeted advertising and other purposes.”

So, what should we undertake to reduce tracking?


  1. “Be more cautious of the information you voluntary hand over.
  2. “One of the best resources for opting out of ad tracking is, which provides links to the opt-out pages for some of the most popular destinations online.” 
  3. “You can install extensions for your Web browser to prevent some online tracking. The EFF has built two tools you should install — Privacy Badger and HTTPS Everywhere. In addition, it recommends the extension uBlock Origin. The EFF also has this guide to Surveillance Self-Defense, with an extensive library of guides to protecting yourself online.”
  4. “For your general browsing, think about using Mozilla’s Firefox. If you don’t already; this story from The Washington Post will tell you why.”
  5. “With your smartphone, this guide from USA Today is a perfect place to start, whether you have an iPhone or Android device.”

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Tips to Better Avoid Online Tracking
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  1. It is difficult to opt out from some of the sites because the iot out option can becomes really hectic and also sometimes the only way to opt out is to call them which creates another awkward conversation. Therefore, recommend to use search engine as duckduckgo for better search engine than Google.

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