As we noted earlier this week (see 1, 2), disrupting an industry can be quite impactful. But, will foldable smartphones be a game changer? Or another fad with features not really sought by consumers? At this point, the answer is not really known.

Will Foldable Smartphones Be a Game Changer?

We’re not talking about the old-time flip phones that many laughed at. We’re talking about the latest in smartphone technology. So, answer this question: Upon reading this post, would YOU be likely to buy a foldable smartphone?

As Felix Richter reports for Statista:

“After years with incremental upgrades rather than eye-catching innovations, the smartphone industry finally had something new to show off in March. These foldable phones with actual foldable displays don’t function as the flip phones in the early 2000s. Will they become the next big thing in the smartphone market?  At least, industry wants us to believe that.”

“But consumers aren’t quite convinced of the new concept though. Especially considering the price tags that the first foldable phones unveiled by Samsung and Huawei carried. At $1,980 and $2,600, respectively, the prices of both phones resemble to high-end laptops. Thus, the question becomes whether they are even meant to be more than a mere proof-of-concept.” 

“A recent survey conducted by Survey Monkey on behalf of USA Today suggests that the foldable phone craze may in fact be just a fad. One blown out of proportion by an industry desperate to find the next big thing to reignite its stuttering growth engine. When asked about features that would get them excited to buy a new phone, just 17 and 19 percent of iPhone and Android users, respectively, named foldable displays as a desirable option. Instead, they cited longer battery life, better cameras, 5G connectivity, and bigger screens ranking above the highly touted feature.”

Learn more from the following Statista infographic.

Will Foldable Smartphones Be a Game Changer?


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