In keeping with our two earlier posts this week (see 1 and 2), we continue to look at sustainability. At present, we study the concept of guilt-free laundry coming soon.


Waste Not: Guilt-Free Laundry Coming Soon

Do you know that washing clothes may be quite wasteful? Two questions: Why does this occur? And how may do better? Solution: guilt-free laundry coming soon.

For answers, we turn to

“The World Health Organization says there is not enough evidence yet to conclude that microplastics are a risk to human health. BUT more research is needed. Reassured? Us neither. So when you hear about a washing machine that captures 90% of the microplastics released during a wash, one thought is immediate: every washing machine needs to have this. Yep, consumers everywhere will only have to hear about this machine to have their expectations changed. ‘Why doesn’t my machine filter out plastics? Why doesn’t everyone do more to filter waste products?’ It’s yet another example of how game-changing innovations fuel new expectations that all brands must then seek to meet.”

“Home appliance manufacturer Arçelik announced its new washing machine, which will help keep microplastics out of the ocean. The Turkish company’s new machine targets the tiny plastic fibers released when clothes are washed. It contains a filter that Arçelik say captures 90% of those fibers. According to the company, around one million fibers are released per load of laundry; these fibers end up in water systems. And from there can be ingested by fish and people. The company plans to open-source its filter technology, so other home appliance brands can use it.”

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Guilt-Free Laundry Coming Soon

8 Replies to “Guilt-Free Laundry Coming Soon”

  1. This concept to me is completely new, but in my opinion I was expecting when the water is drained from all of these machines it goes to a filter site before it is release in the ocean. The concept sounds amazing and its a good deed by the company to make the filter open for competition to have. Itb reminded of the time when Tesla invented many innovative product and gave it to the public for free to use. Therefore, the company made a bold strategy on making it the environment conscious toward the public, it provides free marketing an edge before the filter become a competitive ground in the market.

  2. The most amazing thing is: even an inconvincible conception can also bring a new business opportunity to pioneer and change the whole industry. It is a good chance for new comer to challenge and defeat those old tycoons. And top leaders in industry should also pay attention on new technologies and new trends even some new conception which heard incredible and absurd at first glimpse, because they may turn down your “Empire tower” in few years.

  3. Guilt is the key word in this article.Many marketing strategies are built around consumer guilt.Although it is unclear whether microplastics will have a negative impact on human body and the natural environment, it is possible to achieve a certain degree of success by taking the lead and cooperating with marketing strategies that arouse consumers’ guilt.On the other hand, announcing that the filter technology will be made public is a smart choice, which will enable microplastics processing technology and products to get more attention from other companies and the public. It is a cheap advertisement.

  4. I never know that clothing-washing generates plastic fibers and I think the idea on capturing micro-plastics is genius. Consumers are not specialists, but new concepts correlates to things around us are always attractive. In my view, the washing machine industry is quite mature and groundbreaking innovations rarely appears these years. This Turkish company however, digs something new and attention-drawing, since environmental-friendly is a buzzword these days. I do hope that it can become the industry standard and I am willing to pay for the premium.

  5. I first heard about micro-plastic at the Innovation Festival hosted by Fast Company. In an information overload society, I don’t blame consumers for not being aware. However, one of the greatest things is when people know and understand they show up to drive change. Huge kudos to this company for igniting change and bringing this product to market. Although, the company does need to have substantial evidence to back its claims saying the product captures 90% of those fibers.

  6. As much as consumers care about the environment they also have obligations. Until “green” appliances are cost competitive they will be purchased by very few. This article needs to include the price of the appliance and when it can be expected to hit the markets.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Here’s what we reported in the article: “The company plans to open-source its filter technology, so other home appliance brands can use it..” Hopefully, this will drive down prices.

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