Lots of shoppers explore their favorite Web sites looking for information — and sometimes, even to purchase. The way that prices are presented online can go a long way toward determining whether people or motivated or demotivated to buy an item.

Recently, Lindsay Kolowich, writing for HubSpot, identified 11 online pricing pages that serve as excellent examples for those involved in designing online pricing pages:

“The majority of people who have made it down the funnel far enough to consider buying from you will likely look at your pricing page. It’s a huge opportunity for you to take control of the price conversation and make it even easier for people to buy. What does a great pricing page look like? To help inspire you, we found 11 of the best examples of pricing page design. You’ll notice the best pricing pages have clean layouts, use simple language that speaks to the customer, and aim to inspire trust between the business and the user.”

Click below to access these pages. And go here to read a lot more.

  1. Box
  2. Zendesk
  3. Detectify
  4. Wistia
  5. Casper
  6. Squarespace
  7. Ticketleap
  8. Slack
  9. BombBomb
  10. Pagevamp
  11. Acquia


11 Replies to “Learning from Superior Pricing Web Pages”

  1. Simplicity is key when it comes to appealing to a customer. Over complicating the purchasing process tends to turn potential business away. For me in particular, if I can not understand where my money is going, or how I will receive my purchase, I will be less likely to commit to a sale. The link explaining why the 10 pricing websites were beneficial to customers was really helpful. Easy navigation, appealing slogans, sincere personal touches, and eye catching colors definitely appeal to most consumers.

  2. I think having a great pricing web page is really a important thing for both merchant and customer. I had a little bad experience with shopping in a online book store, because i couldn’t find the price of every book, the website looked like a place to exhibit book but not one to sell book. Fortunately, i finally found where i can check these books’ prices through its one subwebsite, but i didn’t want to buy anything. Therefore, a clear and beautiful pricing web page make customers feel good with this company, and also save their time and lure them to buy something.

  3. When a company has a strong webpage that is simple to navigate to find information for the consumers, there tends to be a strong correlation with their sales and viewers on the website. For me, i prefer to surf the web to find the most i can about a product before i purchase it. After my research has concluded, only then i can make the best choice for my personal preference. As the technological world grows, everything becomes more simplistic which creates laziness. Online shopping will soon become the better alternative when shopping, at least for me. Nobody likes to hear the product they want is out of stock, purchasing a product online will tell you all you need to know along with reviews, prices, etc

  4. Pricing has A LOT to do with a purchase; and the way in which the price is presented to the consumer is key. I don’t really enjoy shopping online at all, but the times that I do if the website is not simple to navigate and the prices are not clearly displayed on the page I quickly click out. Being confused when shopping discourages a shopper, and in some circumstances makes them stop shopping all together because of how frustrated they get. Shopping can be overwhelming, especially if the price is not to be easily found. The way these layouts are presented perfect. They are clean, simple, and easily navigable; easy for the eye and brain to make a purchasing decision in seconds.

  5. Although I have not heard of many of these brands prior to this post, looking at the pricing sites and the article I noticed a few keys that pop up in all of these sites. First their is the simplicity and attractiveness; the pricing options must be easy to navigate as well as look good for the consumer. They can be innovative as well, but they must be reassuring to customers in order to build a trust. These pricing pages can also be interesting in a design aspect, have an attractive motto, or any means to build the trust between brand and consumer. I think these are great tips for anyone starting their own business/website.

  6. It is interesting to think about how the format and visual appearance influences potential consumers thoughts about your product or service. Reflecting back on recent online purchases I have made, I have always chosen to purchase items from companies in which I felt there was clarity of my expectations and clarity of what I would be receiving. The company I work for just recently updated their website as a result of customer complaints, wording we though was clear, customers found confusing or misleading. It was later on that we realized the text was clear to us, because we knew the intended message. I wonder how many potential customers decided not to purchase from us, because they felt our pricing page was confusing or unclear.

  7. I completely agree that the pricing page is important when getting customers to buy things online. The site could be very popular and look great, but at the end of the day, the customers want to know what the product or service is going to cost them. The pricing page is important because it is the last stop before the customer makes a purchase. On the box site the company had 3 different prices on its price page. There was $15 price in bold in the middle and a lower and higher price aside it. The company did a good job in making their price page. Instantly you are drawn to the bold price in the middle that it not the lowest, or most expensive. The $15 price is right in the middle which will make it easy for indecisive customers to make a decision.

  8. I think this is great especially the sites that the professor choose. They are easy to find the prices and they are on the first page. The one thing I like about the online prices is that they give you a few chooses not just one price per moth. They give you options with different perks and incentives to get you to upgrade the one you buy each month. The websites are also creative and have some color that can draw your attention to the monthly prices. This will make you double check the prices and allow you to make a purchase.

  9. The pricing pages are very useful especially for customers. It can help customer get the fair deal in the trade. From my own experience, the most frequently price web is
    “camelcamelcamel”. This web efforts to track the price trend in Amazon, it will show the price trend based on time, listing the changes in price since it launched. If there has the third part price more cheaper, it will also show in the wed. The web sites showed above are similar function with “camelcamelcamel”. I think the pricing web pages are pretty necessary for customers.

  10. For me, a product to be interesting and appealing it need to have a simple information about the pricing. In many occasions we go shopping online we find items or services which say that we need to contact them in order to get a price. Most of the times i immediately close the pages that don’t inform me about pricing, or where i need to take time of my daily tasks to send an email or inquire to get a price.

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