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Today’s post is by David Campbell, who blogs about customer service trends for ClickDesk live chat and helpdesk software. He is an active freelance writer and his other interests include organic SEO and growth hacking.


Whether you’re offering an omnichannel solution from your brick-and-mortar store or running a complete E-commerce business, the busiest time of year has already begun. If your product and your placement are strong, converting potential buyers into paying customers shouldn’t be difficult.

But getting conversions on E-commerce sites is harder than ever. What’s the secret to increasing conversion rates this holiday shopping season and breaking your sale records? This is the question of every single online store at this time of this year, no matter how big or small they are or how long they’ve been in business. This post contains a useful answer to this question.

If we figure this out, we can easily implement that strategy into the system, and (in ideal conditions) our conversion rate should increase. There are tons of reasons why Web visitors convert, including pricing, quality of products, ease of use (UI/UX), product warranties and return policies, free shipping, and more; but if you keep these things constant, then the main reason why customers convert is simple: it’s based on how they feel.

When it comes to feeling, the importance of customer service cannot be overstated. There might be many stores offering the same kind of deal that you have on your Web site, but if your customer service is better than others, potential visitors will convert on your site and continue to come back for more.

In talking about customer service, what instantly comes to mind is E-mail, phone, and social media support. However, this is what everyone is doing. How do you stand out from the pack? What you need is something different, memorable, responsive, reliable, quick, personal, and efficient. This is where Live Chat Software comes into play. It serves all of those needs. Plus, new technology has made it possible for any SMB to add real-time support to their website in just a few minutes.

Live chat software lets you communicate with potential customers while they are browsing your Web site. You can help them on the spot, making it far more likely that they will convert into paying customers. If they are not contacting you, you can reach out proactively and help them make better decisions.

There are numerous benefits of having live chat on your website. We recently published a live chat infographic, as shown below.

This is a tried and tested formula and many big brands follow it throughout the year. Enable a live chat plugin on your website and start converting potential customers like a pro. Let’s make this holiday shopping season one for your customers to remember!




15 Replies to “Using Live Chat Software to Enhance the Online Experience”

  1. Live chat is a very good idea for company’s to come accustomed to, and this cute infographic has the data to prove this. When I did my marketing paper on Avon and Estee Lauder, I wrote in my analysis of the two websites, that one of my favorite things about the Estee Lauder’s company website is the fact that it offers live chat with a consultant. I am not into shopping online at all, but if I was I would absolutely take advantage of this because when I’m in a store I like having the opinion of the workers before I make a purchase. It’s easy to just hear directly from a consultant rather than do research to find what to buy. You can find everything you need to know about a product simply. This technique is way better than emailing because most people delete their emails when they see a company’s name in their feed because all it is is clutter when company’s are constantly emailing you with new promotions, awards, etc..

  2. Live Chat is definitely increasing in popularity as marketing becomes more technology based. It is a lot more convenient for both parties to set up a laptop wherever they see fit and get comfortable and relax for their Live Chat. It takes customer service to a whole new level and helps create that personal touch that customers don’t always get otherwise.

  3. I love the live chat feature on websites. It decreases the wait time and its fast help service. It definitely makes shopping easier and way more convenient. It honestly increases the brand appeal in my eyes.

  4. I think live chats on websites are extremely useful. Its much easier and faster for a customer to ask questions via live chat, rather than calling or waiting for an email, since your already on the website. You usually get an immediate response and therefore you are more likely to buy the product. I didn’t realize how popular live chat were until reading the statistics in this article.

  5. Live chat is a fantastic innovation for websites. Going through the customer service process can be such a hassle, and having an employee right there ready to assist you at a moments notice leaves a great impression on the consumer. I personally am very impressed when I see a live chat service available on a website, and it improves my opinion of the company.

  6. Live chats are very interesting. It adds a human aspect to the product and you actually develop a more sincere connection with the person that you’re working with. Seeing the person face to face as opposed to a wall of text makes the entire experience more real, rather than robotic. Live chats also allow customer service the advantage of seeing the things that you’re displeased with, or pleased with. Therefore they can note the things that they did well and the things that they didn’t and adapt from the experience.

  7. The online chat feature definitely has its benefits. The ability to avoid waiting for physical or telephone customer service is a major plus. It also seems to be a major benefit for an older audience that may need more assistance while doing things online. It is a really good idea for companies to have this feature on their sites for customers.

  8. I think that using live chat software on company websites is a useful marketing tool for firms of all sizes. It doesn’t seem like a feature that would be very costly to establish and maintain, so even small businesses can capitalize on it. Being able to communicate live with a company representative while browsing their website has the potential to increase sales, and it is analogous to speaking with a sales representative in person in an actual bricks-and-mortar firm. With the live chat software, a person can speak with a company representative if they have any questions that might prevent them from buying the product, just as they might do in a physical establishment. The interaction could address any concerns the potential customer has, and encourage the customer to purchase the product they were initially hesitant about. The statistics presented in the figure regarding customer satisfaction and conversion rates suggests that firms should adopt live chat software in order to increase sales.

  9. To be honest, before reading this article, I did not even have a thought that the live chat software would play that important role in those online shopping activities. It is an extension of customer services. Those data are very resourceful. It would be a great way for our marketers to study more complicated consumer behaviors. In the meantime, it will be even better for us to figure out other functions which those software could take to boost up the brand.

  10. this is a great thing. Live chat is great because when shopping online you can ask the employer about the product and if it is clothing what size would best fit me. Online chatting is easy and very efficient for customers because it allows them to be in the convenience of their home and still be able to buy things that they need. The only thing that could be an issue is if the live chat doesn’t work.

  11. Live chat is really beneficial for websites to have. It gives the customer a more personal encounter with the company and allows for a faster and more reliable service leading to better customer satisfaction.

  12. Live chat seems like an interesting idea that can be incorporated into E-commerce. I have always hated telephone communication. Phone calls often get dropped and you have to start all over. On top of this, truthfully I may just not like the sound of the person I’m talking to or the way they are talking to me. With online chatting I am able to avoid all of this. The best reason I think this would be successful would be if I was shopping for specific items such as pants that fit differently that unusual. I could give the person my waist size, etc. and they could tell me if it will fit comfortably or not. There has been several instances where I have bought items online and had to return them because they didn’t describe in detail how it would fit etc. So this would definitely help.

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